Feel the wind blowing in your hair…

If your brand were a car, what car would it be?

Mine would be an acid green Jeep Wrangler Sahara with big-a$$ tires. Or maybe if the used-car-Gods were on my side, a refurbished El Camino—pimped out with four-wheel drive for Minnesota winters (also acid green, of course).

Like a real car, your brand is a vehicle to help you express yourself in your VO career.

After all these years, I realized something really exciting:

When you nail your authentic brand (which is based on the authentic you), everything gets better—from your relationships to your self-expression to your mood. Everything falls into alignment and works together. You enter a clearer mental space which provides a turbo boost when you’re picking auditions, getting behind the mic—and everything else.

When you cultivate your brand:

Your brand is your dream car. When designed and delivered correctly, it will give you the career maneuvering vocal-motion to not only arrive at success – with authentic style, confidence and control – but to enjoy the ride there.

Ready to grab the keys and jump in the driver’s seat? Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.


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Always a VO bridesmaid—never a bride?

Feel like you’re always a VO bridesmaid—never a bride? Do you almost get the job, but not quite?

First of all, there’s merit in being a bridesmaid. It means somebody loves you! If you almost got the job, it shows your standing. It’s gas in your engine. Fuel in your tank. Feel the love, baby, because you’re in the game. You’re a contender—and don’t forget that!

But, alas, being a contender doesn’t pay the bills.

Maybe you’ve been a VO bridesmaid a few too many times. Maybe you don’t look good in peach and you’re tired of crinoline. When you’re sick of being a VO bridesmaid, how do you overcome all the obstacles and become the top dog?

Well, pretty much, the answer is this…

You can either show up in the bridesmaid dress, or the wedding dress. It’s your choice.

Recently I was in a really awesome webinar, and during the Q&A, everyone asked pretty much the same questions. Is it okay if my studio isn’t up to par? Is the sound quality of my demo good enough? How current should my website be? Etc. Etc.

People were asking permission to half-ass it!

If you want to be the bride, show up like a shining star supernova. Take control of your awesomeness. Kick down the door. Get in front of eyeballs and eardrums. Wear the white dress.

Seriously, don’t make me brand you as “Always the bridesmaid VO.” You’re better than that.

I hear wedding bells,

P.S. If you need help shredding your bridesmaid dresses and showing up in white, schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.

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Does Twitter Spark Joy?

Hi there,

The awesome Marie Kondo (queen of decluttering) says you should pick up an object and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t spark joy, you should get rid of it. It’s such a simple, almost laughable idea, but it’s brilliant. I’ve really incorporated it into my life and business.

And I think this concept is relevant for our social media efforts, too. Hear me out.

Are you doing social media because you should? That’s nonsense. You’re not sharing anything cool, authentic, or follow-worthy if you’re feeling forced into it. Life is short. Have fun. Your social media presence should spark joy!

Look at this list. Do any of these platforms make you happy?


Marie Kondo says you have to hold something in your hand because you actually have to experience it. Same goes for social media. You have to experience each platform and its capabilities. Confusion and frustration don’t spark joy, so sometimes, this means learning how to use these platforms. (The more you educate yourself, the more fun it gets!)

Give them a chance. Learn how to use each one. Ask yourself: Was it fun? Did it allow me to express myself and be authentic? Did it fit with my personality? Did I kick up my heels and get a bunch of retweets, or did it distract me?

Find one you really love, and rock it. Live in it. Give it your heart. As long as you’re doing one really well (with joy and authenticity), you can make things happen for your business and your brand.

Listen supernovas… Twitter at first did not spark joy for me. I was afraid I’d say the wrong thing. Once I realized that Twitter is just like being at a cocktail party-where you don’t need to calculate every word that comes out of your mouth-it became a lot more fun.

Ready to banish everything that doesn’t spark joy immediately? Not so fast. Meeting with my accountant doesn’t exactly spark joy right away … but the finished report of my yearly finances … that certainly does. Sometimes in life and business, the joy comes at the end. But if something doesn’t spark any joy (beginning or end)-don’t do it!

Like the rest of your VO marketing efforts, you need to lead with your brand when it comes to social media. The cool thing is … your brand is within you! If you need help pinpointing your brand (and sharing it authentically), schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.

To your success,

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4 Easy Tips for Accomplishing Any Goal

Goal setting is sort of my jam. So, I spent the whole month of December nose-deep in goal-setting tools and planners. Yes, I went a bit nuts. Because I love goal setting! Then, after the fun, I honed down the goal frenzy into the big, gorgeous goals I plan to accomplish in 2017.

My main goal for 2017 is organization. I want to know where everything is-at all times-and have systems in place so I’m never reinventing the wheel. I’m excited just telling you about it!

Now maybe you aren’t as wild about goal setting as I am. That’s okay. You can just skip the frenzy part and get right to the end result … a few big things you plan to accomplish. Whether you do this every year, every month or every week, picking just a few things to accomplish is smart and doable. Then comes the actual accomplishing part. This is where we can sometimes get stuck.

But as a lifelong goal-accomplisher, I’m here to help!

Here are my favorite tips for checking those big goals off the list:

1. No goal is outrageous when it’s broken down. Make a million dollars. This might seem outrageous. But when you break it down into small, specific steps (like how many bookings you’ll need) it becomes doable. Rome wasn’t built in a day … but stone by stone, it did get built. Have a clear, specific goal, no matter how big or small, break it down into tiny action steps and make sure you’re moving forward every day. Don’t discount the small steps!

2. Choosing yourself is always the first step. Before you can accomplish any of these goals, you’ve got to decide to make yourself, the goal-achiever, a priority. In a world where you’re living alone in your booth, checking your emails and hustling for that next job, it’s easy to lose sight of your intended end game. To achieve, you need to feel good from the inside out. Keep to the steps, plan your work and work your plan. Then and only then can you truly service the heck out of your clients!

3. Systems are time-savers and everyone should have them. How often are you checking emails? How are you getting back to people? Could this process be easier with templates for the information you send again and again? I bet it could. Look at your CRM, your filing system, your invoicing system. If you can be more disciplined and consistent with your systems, chunks of time will open in your day. Treat yourself like the big business that you are and focus on systems that can make you more efficient!

4. Do what you’re great at. Get help with everything else. Don’t love it? Aren’t awesome at it? Get help. The awesome thing about being part of this crazy, cool VO community is the sheer amount of talented people who can help us. I’m a firm believer that to be efficient and accomplish goals, we have to focus on our strengths and get help with everything else. When it comes to my goal of organization, I hired a coach!

If you need help reaching goals like creating an amazing brand or stepping-up your marketing I can help. Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

To your success,

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17 questions to ask yourself (about your brand) for 2017

Happy December, figgy puddings! Before you unwrap your holiday gifts, start the festive season by unwrapping your best asset as a voiceover artist—your brand! Ask yourself these questions to see if your brand is as fantastic as you are:

  1. Does it make you feel at home? Like you could snuggle up on the couch inside your brand and stay for weeks…
  2. Is it on-trend or trend-setting? You’re talking to ad buyers and writers—the trendiest people on earth. Your brand has to look and feel fresh, smart and streamlined.
  3. Does it scream you? Talk like you talk, walk like you walk…If you were in a lineup with 10 other voice actors, could we match your brand to you?
  4. Does it open doors? You’ll know because your tribe will be attracted and you’ll land work.
  5. Is it better than your competitors? Let’s face it. We all want to be top dog—and here’s a tangible way to do it.
  6. Does it tell your story? Your brand should tell your personal story—so people can know you as a human. Yup, be real!
  7. Is it a preview of working together? Your brand should set up what’s awesome about working with you. After all, you are your product.
  8. Does it make you feel excited? Pay attention to what’s happening in your gut. When you complete your authentic brand, you know it’s right. Some people even jump up and down.
  9. Does it encourage you to spread the word? You can’t just be talented; 50% of your job is educating the world about your voice.
  10. Does it have legs? Your brand should be so good that it gets shared in meetings and goes places for you.
  11. Does it make you look at least AS successful as you are? Your brand’s gotta lift you up, not hold you down!
  12. Does it up your confidence? Every single VO artist needs swagger, bravado and belonging. Your brand is ultimate confidence-booster.
  13. Is it fast? At even a quick glance, your brand should speak a thousand words.
  14. Does it give you control? A good brand helps you manage the story that is out there about you. It helps you reinforce and share the right message.
  15. Does it reflect the brands you’re attracted to? One cool way to hone in on your brand is to pay attention to the brands you’re attracted to. They are clues to your aspirational self!
  16. Does it match your demos? Nothing is more jarring than a demo that’s at-odds with a brand.
  17. Does it include your shadow side? Don’t try to be too perfect. Sometimes it’s the stuff we don’t love about ourselves that creates the intrigue it takes to land the job. Don’t brush your real self under the rug.
    When you get your brand right, you’ll feel like you’re unwrapping the best gift ever—every day!

If your brand doesn’t unleash festiveness and excitement, I can help. Ready to make 2017 the best year yet? Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

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Want to ensure success? Do this…

Want a surefire way to land the jobs you need? Read on, VO butt-kicker…

The other day, a new client told me that “sometimes things just feel so up in air.” Well, I told her something important and I’m going to tell you: You have (so much) more control than you think! Why?

It’s not about logging the results, it’s all about designing your future.

How do you do this?

Take a look back… What have you done in the past that generated success? And, how can you systematize these actions to generate ongoing success in your business?

Every action you take to grow your business has an outcome. Everyone’s numbers are different, but statistically speaking, you can figure out stuff like this:

  1. For every 50 phone calls you make, you get one new client.
  2. For every 30 auditions, you land one job.
  3. For every piece of swag you send…
  4. For every in-person networking event…

You get the idea. You might not necessarily know these numbers, but it’s time to start tracking.

When do you notice an uptick in business?

Need inspiration?

I love Marie Forleo’s recent interview with Bryce Dallas Howard because of Bryce’s numerical approach to auditioning. (Yup, she used the technique I’m talking about…and of course, it worked!)

Don’t have time to make phone calls yourself? At CSM, we’ve got a big ‘ol list of buyers and we can do it for you. Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

– Celia

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Auditions: Knowing When To Stop

Hey there,

When is good enough—good enough?!

When it comes to recording your auditions—how do you know when to stop?

Well, sweet stuff, your auditions are sort of like pie crust. When you overwork a pie crust, you hit a point of no return and it’s ruined.

Want energetic, fresh, authentic auditions—not lifeless, overworked, robotic ones? There is a sweet spot. And if you want to be a VO superstar, you must know that sweet spot like the back of your hand.

Here’s how to find your sweet spot:

  1. Have a system. Pre-audition, go through the same routine every time. Whatever it takes to get into your zone. Drink your glass of water, do your superhero stance, sing to Beyonce, dance around your studio, then pull the trigger. Not sure where you’re zone is? I can help you figure it out.
  2. Stop ignoring your intuition. Does a little voice inside your head whisper “STOP”? And you choose not to pay attention? I believe we all intuitively know when it’s good enough. That’s the moment that self-doubt can creep in and cause us to keep forging towards (impossible) perfection.
  3. Pay attention to the pie. The results are in the pie! Which jobs are you landing? The ones where you’ve read the audition 30 times, or the ones where spontaneity glittered in your voice.

These rules aren’t set in stone. VO is art, and no one recipe is right for everyone.

VO veterans will be able to get to the sweet spot quicker than VO newbies. But if you do listen to these tips, you’ll be able to send off more vibrant auditions each day, instead of fewer fake ones. And that’s lip-smackingly delish.

– Celia

Are you beating your auditions into the ground? I’ll listen and tell you. Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session. I will listen to your demos, tell you if you’re competitive, analyze your brand and give you feedback. Heck yes.

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Have you achieved brand nirvana?

I bet you already know that your brand needs to wow-the-heck out of your clients…

But have you lost sight of something that’s just as important…?

Your brand needs to inspire you!

Loving and OWNING your own brand is nearly as important as being awesome at your

(Personally, it took me too long to revamp my brand, but now I’m so inspired by it. My brand
is totally me, brandicorns and all, and I OWN IT. If, on the other hand, I had some dated website and a crappy looking card, I would feel uninspired going to work instead of like a powerhouse.)

If your brand really inspires you:

  • You’ll believe in yourself
  • You’ll believe you can win that job
  • You will cultivate confidence and swagger that’s based in reality

When your outward brand mirrors your inward authenticity, everything you do becomes more powerful. Your conversations and marketing efforts create a vibration. And you start to create brand nirvana.

When you’ve achieved brand nirvana:

  • You feel it in your gut and your heart (it feels like bliss and french fries that are healthier than kale!)
  • You have a sense of alignment between who you are and what your brand says about

Want to achieve this swoony, inspiring brand-love nirvana?

It’s available through some detective work … because your inspiring brand is within you. An amazing brand is not about making something up that you think somebody else will want—it’s about showcasing your soul! Yup. Your soul. And there’s nothing I love more than digging in, finding your soul, and shaping it into an unstoppable brand you adore.

I love making clients feel this happy about their brands…

Get the ‘MAGIC PACKAGE!’ Trust me…Celia and her team made this process entirely about me, my passions, and my specific talents. I now have a brand that looks like, feels like and speaks to, me and my clientele! I love it so much, that I want to roll around and play in it. I wish I could wear my brand, it feels like a second skin to me (and… I think it’s gorgeous). I now always look for reasons to give out my business cards. My brand even inspired me to continue to find new ways to deepen my branding with my clients! In the arsenal of tools you need as VO artist to brand yourself, Celia is the hammer you are looking for to help you nail marketing YOU and YOUR BRAND.” – Traci Wilde

“Celia Siegel is smashingly creative, fun, innovative and bold! She pushed me right out of my comfort zone and into a brand identity I didn’t even realize I embodied. Once my mind sat with the idea a few days… I saw the truth of it and the genius! Now I LOVE it and am rocking the endless promo opportunities, business cards and my brand spanking new website! Additionally, her career coaching doubled my bottom line with an industry mind shift. I highly recommend Celia and her amazing team at CSM – they are well worth the investment, hands down!” – Christian Taylor

For Traci and Christian, their brands are like versions of themselves. This alignment allows them to rule their personal VO worlds.

You can—and should—feel like Traci and Christian. We can help.

 – Celia

Your brand is within you. We’ll bring it out! Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session. Want a brand-igniting kick in the booty? Slots are available next week. I will listen to your demos, tell you if you’re competitive, analyze your brand and give you feedback. Heck yes.


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Voice crush cultivation

Have you ever heard someone’s voice and felt an instant connection? Like love at first listen? Like they were speaking right to you?

What I’m describing is a voice crush.

And it’s exactly what you want buyers and agents to feel when they hear your voice.

If you are rocking your talent, you are bound to pique the interest of some admirers along the way…but it’s YOUR job to cultivate these voice crushes and turn them into full-on, major love affairs.

When a buyer or agent hears you for the first time, and gets those butterflies in the pit of their stomach, they will instantly want to know more about you. You can leave them high and dry, or you can cultivate your crushability by allowing them everything they need to develop a major, ongoing crush:

Here’s how to cultivate your crushability:

  1. Have a website that reflects upon exactly what the crusher heard (the real you!) When your sound, your brand and your look align, it makes for cosmic crushability. I see who’s working … it’s not the perfect people … it’s the humans. The hard-working humans. The path to better is the path to being you!
  2. Do the stuff you love, be who are you, and share it (on your website, on social media, in-person). If you write a cool blog, do Shakespeare in the park, run a great podcast or paint colorful abstracts, let people into your world by showing them.
  3. Don’t ever try to be, or sound like, someone you’re not! I see people who are mimicking their idea of what a voiceover actor sounds like. There’s no such thing. Today, it’s all about being believable. Being a storyteller. And the only way to be a believable storyteller is to be you!
  4. Say everything with heart and authenticity.
  5. Make the time to put on your best boots – you’ll be consistently swaggalicious.

If you cultivate these voice crushes, you will have buyers and agents who will go the extra mile for you, hire you and champion you. The thing is-not everyone needs to have a voice crush on you. Your voice will naturally appeal to some buyers and agents more than others. But it just takes a few!

Here are some voice actors who are cultivating their crushability because they are putting their authentic selves out there:

Steve Lawson: http://www.mankindvo.com/
Lyssa Graham: http://lyssagraham.com/
Traci Wilde: http://www.traciwilde.com/

Embracing your authenticity + sharing it = being crushworthy. Got it?

– Celia

Stop waiting-start doing! Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session. Want a brand-igniting kick in the booty? Slots are available next week. I will listen to your demos, tell you if you’re competitive, analyze your brand and give you feedback. Heck yes.

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6 Ways to Build your VO Target Field

If you build it, they will come.

celia_and_rick_Target_Field_croppedDespite what movies tell you, this statement is mostly false. Once you build an amazing brand, they don’t just show up. You have to bring them there.

Here in Minneapolis, I was never a huge baseball fan – until Target Field replaced the Metrodome. Target Field is a gorgeous space where I will happily have a hot dog and a beer while watching baseball. The Metrodome was shabby…not someplace I wanted to spend my time or money.

If you build it, will they come?

Not really. It helps to build a Target Field, because it’s awesome and beautiful – but Target Field worked hard to fill the seats.

I went to Target Field because I got a great flyer in the mail. I saw it on my social media. I saw ads on TV. My friends were going to games. I have a relationship with somebody who has box seats.

Ready to upgrade your Metrodome? Here’s how:

  • Build a Target Field for your business: an awesome brand, website and business plan.
  • Create word-of-mouth by hitting it out of the ballpark, again and again.
  • Target your ideal customers: send flyers, emails, connect on LinkedIn, Twitter. Whatever works best for you and your prospects!
  • Network: strengthen relationships, stay connected, go to conferences, meet for coffee, immerse yourself in the industry.
  • Surround yourself with the A team. This means the best coaches and agents out there!
  • Keep getting better. Being great isn’t just about Spring training—it’s about training every day.

Target Field is your beautiful brand. But without a business plan, a marketing machine and ongoing training, the seats will be empty.

Need help showing off your amazing brand?

At CSM, we have an internal booking department where we market our talent. We stay in touch with top buyers via social media, ecards, postcards, and cold calls.

When we have multiple bookings in one day, it isn’t because of one particular marketing effort – it is because of all of them as a whole.

We can help you build your Target Field and fill up the seats. Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.

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