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The Catch-22’s of Voiceover

You may have realized that at every turn in your voiceover career, there’s a catch-22. You need a great demo to get a great agent—but you need to be making money to pay for the great demo. You need agents to get jobs, but you need jobs to get agents. You need a brand that […]

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Is there such a thing as too authentic?

Holy smokes. Everywhere you look, there’s a Kardashian. Whether you like ‘em or not, you can’t deny that they are successful. Reality TV culture is a thing, love bugs. It’s the world we live in. That’s why I couldn’t resist picking up the book, The Kim Kardashian Principle: Why Shameless Sells (and How to Do It […]

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And then I pressed play…

It’s hard to admit, but it’s true: His website almost scared me away. When a new potential client sent me his website, I assumed he sucked. Then I pressed play. His voice was like butter. His timing was great. He was amazing—but his website was sending the message that he was anything but… I made […]

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3 ways to be like Birchbox

I had stubby lashes. Not anymore…Because Birchbox just sent me the best mascara ever! When Birchbox sends me a package, I know everything inside is going to be amazing. And then it is. In case you live under a rock, Birchbox is the marketing darling of subscription services. They are doing it right! And because […]

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Does Twitter Spark Joy?

Hi there, The awesome Marie Kondo (queen of decluttering) says you should pick up an object and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t spark joy, you should get rid of it. It’s such a simple, almost laughable idea, but it’s brilliant. I’ve really incorporated it into my life and business. And I […]

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