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Feel the wind blowing in your hair…

If your brand were a car, what car would it be? Mine would be an acid green Jeep Wrangler Sahara with big-a$$ tires. Or maybe if the used-car-Gods were on my side, a refurbished El Camino—pimped out with four-wheel drive for Minnesota winters (also acid green, of course). Like a real car, your brand is […]

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Always a VO bridesmaid—never a bride?

Feel like you’re always a VO bridesmaid—never a bride? Do you almost get the job, but not quite? First of all, there’s merit in being a bridesmaid. It means somebody loves you! If you almost got the job, it shows your standing. It’s gas in your engine. Fuel in your tank. Feel the love, baby, because […]

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How do YOU stand out from the crowd?

Sometimes clients come to me with brands that are already pretty great and they want to make them better. For example, let’s say one client’s sound is minivan mom. She’s got the talent. And she’s got the brand. So, how does she stand out from the other minivan moms? Here’s how we do it…by answering […]

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Celia Siegel Joins the VO Atlanta Team

“After a successful appearance at VO Atlanta 2014, we’re thrilled to welcome back Celia Siegel to VO Atlanta.  Celia adds a very exciting energy to the conference with her HUGE smile and inviting personality. Celia Siegel Management is known for creating effective success strategies and strong personal brands for voice talent – and then marketing […]

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to host our very first conference exclusively for women in the business of voiceover! WHEN: JAN 29th – 31st 2016 WHERE: Atlanta, GA / Atlanta Airport Marriott WHAT: A weekend of incredible speakers, VO workshops & togetherness! WHO: Speakers include: Melissa Moats, Celia Siegel, Anne Ganguzza, Lisa Biggs, Jessica Gee, Gabrielle Nistico, Noelle Culler, Joyce […]

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Get your swagger on

You know those days when you look and feel hotter than jalapenos? Maybe you got a new haircut and you’re wearing your best boots; you’re unstoppable on those days. See an acquaintance-from-long-ago in the supermarket and you’ll waltz up with swagger, do double-kisses and say, “Darling, call me sometime!” But what about the other days? […]

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