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A decade ago, your agent held all the cards.

These days, your voiceover business is more diverse. You have more avenues to land work, and you have so much more control. Take a look at what I mean… First, you have your agent who is (hopefully) bringing you opportunities.

Next, you have your pay-to-plays, where if you choose to partake, you are blasting out auditions and competing like The Hunger Games.

Finally, you have relationships. This is about you making friends in your community, looking in your own backyard, and connecting with the people who need your voice. The coolest thing about relationships is that you’re in charge of how, and with whom you build them with.

Why relationships are so important
Decision-makers are overloaded. They don’t want to wade through 1000 choices. They want a few good choices to pick from. How do we get there? Relationships! The people deciding want to know: Who can solve my problems? Who is packaged up with a great brand that fits? Whose marketing and blogging is intriguing and magnetic? Who do I feel like I know? Who can I trust to do an amazing job?

How to create relationships
Good personal marketing is a combination of planting the seeds in the areas you want to connect (your desired niches), then nurturing every individual seedling that grows.

Plant seeds
You do this by using your big-scale personal marketing efforts (all the things we can handle for you!)—your website, LinkedIn, SEO, networking, social media, newsletters, blogging, and growing your list. It’s putting your message out there and finding the peeps who love the flavor of your unique ice cream sundae. Pick your niche. Brand yourself as a beacon to your tribe. And they will raise their hands.

Nurture seedlings & harvest flowers
Then you turn those connections into one-on-one relationships by keeping in touch, like a HUMAN. It’s about taking the marketing communication to the next step—liking their stuff on social media, showing up and caring about what they care about. Creating relationships may feel overwhelming, especially for the introverts among us—but all you have to do is BE YOU.
Whether it’s your agent, pay-to-plays or relationships, each path requires nurturing to generate work. But guess what? Success in each area comes down to one thing: Having a strong brand! The more branded you are, the more you’re telling people who you are, the more you’ll cut through the clutter.
Now, make sure your brand is awesome, and go make friends! (Really, awesome brands even make friends while you’re sleeping!)

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