Your plan for awesomeness in 2019: Try something new every month!

new year business planning try something new each month

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – New Year’s business planning! And you’re in luck this year because the VO theme for 2019 is Try Something New.

Trying something new each month is a great way to stay interested and interesting – whether it’s fostering kittens, taking a French conversation class, hiring a coach to work on a specific skill, or plunging yourself into a float tank. New experiences enrich you, tap your creativity and generally increase your awesomeness factor.

Lately, I’ve been making a point of trying new things – some personal, some professional – and the benefits to me and my business were undeniable. Floating in a sensory deprivation tank filled with Epsom salts took my body and mind to an otherworldly, dreamy place, and I emerged full of creativity and fresh energy. Nurturing foster kittens gave my days a fresh rhythm, inspired joy and laughter in my home, and generally chilled me out. You get the picture.

As a VO talent, you are your product and your brand. It’s crucial that you keep growing, expanding and doing things that excite you. So, skip the resolutions that are about giving things up and instead do one personal and one professional something new each month. Focus on what inspires you, things you’ve been wanting to try. Then take out your 2019 calendar and plan your year.

Ideas for your Fun VO Calendar of Newness:

-Try a new gym class. You like people yet you are in your booth alone most of the day. Kill two birds with one stone – get out with the people, try a new exercise and take care of your instrument at the same time. Wow, that’s a whole flock of birds!

-Create and perfect a signature dish or dessert. Good food makes everyone happy. Cook something you love and crave and make it your own. You’ll impress yourself, your guests and blow the next pot-luck you’re invited to away.

-Listen to a new VO or business podcast each month. We are part of the most giving community! I love how y’all share with each other. There are so many good ones. (Reply in the comments to share ones you are loving right now.)

-Stop talking about blogging and do it. Having a well-maintained blog can greatly benefit your brand, business and creative ju ju – so, Chop, Chop, Lollipop, go get that blog started!

-Road trip to someplace you’ve never been before.

-Invite someone new out to lunch.

-Start a routine of leaving nice comments on the social media of those you admire. Paying sincere compliments to others has a way of paying off in big ways.

-Work with a new coach.

-Get acupuncture. Or pick another act of extreme self-care you’d like to try. True story, I recently went straight from a 90-minute float tank session to a 90-minute yin yoga class. I not only felt completely rejuvenated that week, it’s making my whole month better – and for a fraction of what it would’ve cost me to attend a fancy retreat.

-Take some time to discover new music and make playlists for exercise, gatherings, driving, down time, and for making that signature dish.

-Read a new business book each month.

-Attend a conference and learn from industry experts and hobnob with your peers.

Trying something new ignites and enriches your soul. It helps you to keep uncovering aspects of your truest self. It’s good for you. It’s good for those around you. It’s good for your VO career. And like everything I preach, it’s good for your brand. Of course, if you don’t have a brand or need a refresh, we’re here for you as always. Hit me up for a free 15-minute consultation. Look out, 2019 – here we come!

Wishing you a truly bright, shiny and Happy New Year,

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Is Your Brand as Brave as You Are?

I love back-to-school time. Stocking up on supplies and getting back into the swing of regular routines after the indulgences of summer feels to me like a fresh start — an opportunity to be brave and try something new.

Of course, as an actor you do brave things all the time. The choice to become an actor is in itself brave. Actors disappoint parents and teachers and leave home to pursue careers with no guaranteed income stream.

As a voice actor, you make brave choices every day. You put yourself out on the line and perform. You invest in yourself, and in your craft, because you believe in yourself. You have the faith to risk being told no. Most people could not tolerate the amount of rejection you put yourself through and yet you do it, day in and day out.

I admire your chutzpah. That’s why I think you deserve a brave brand.

My clients are diverse, but they have this in common: They’re all incredibly brave humans. I know this because I understand the risks they have to take to make it in this business. I also know this because in every brand I do, there’s an element of bravery.

For a brand to be brave — and strong — it has to be true, authentic, imperfect. Every client I work with struggles with this — the desire to present themselves as beautiful and perfect facades versus the vulnerability to show themselves honestly so they can truly be seen as the wonderful, interesting, magical (and yes, flawed) beings they are. The former is safe; the latter is brave. The former keeps others away; the latter creates intimacy. The former lacks imagination; the latter intrigues.

Our business is like the Wild West right now. The classic rules, fees and protocols no longer apply. Each day is a battle for survival, and it’s important you enter that battlefield fully armed. Your talent, your studio and your microphone are the weapons you need. A brand serves as the shield you hold up as you make your way into each day’s battle.

I understand the temptation to hide behind a safe brand, but that’s a mistake.

While a safe brand may help you dodge slings and arrows, it’s not going to give you confidence to move forward or the courage to blaze your own trail. I know you’re brave. If you do the courageous work of creating an authentic + truly brave brand, you’ll be unstoppable — a true voiceover hero for the ages.

Until next time,

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Create Your Lucky Day. Become So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

Create Your Lucky Day. Become So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Hello Voiceover Achiever,

I love this quote by Steve Martin: “Become so good they can’t ignore you.” It’s a straightforward goal.

steve martin quote

If you let this be your driving force, you will achieve your goals – no matter how grand. I have the good fortune of longevity in this business. I have worked with hundreds of actors over the years and watched many of their careers go through the roof. Others surprise me. They’re so talented, but they don’t get anywhere close.

Here is the cool thing: In seemingly 100 percent of the cases, it is people who understand that it is all on them who succeed. They are not victims of the vagaries of the business or the economy. They are in charge of their own brand, their talent and their relationships. They know the difficult path to improvement and connecting. It’s the road less traveled. And they do not just know it—they do it. A simple idea, but hard to pull off.

The other day, I was talking to an actor and was gobsmacked by how far he’s come in the years since I first met him. He had done so much groundwork to make sure doors would open to him. Guess who was booked every day?

This did not come overnight. This actor spent years honing his craft, getting educated, getting experience, connecting with the community – both peer-based and buyers and gurus of all kind. Now he is on top of his game and reaping the rewards. Time to rest on his laurels? Heck no! This guy is investing in the most valuable thing there is: him. He keeps improving. He is unignorable at this point and he is just gonna get better.

How do you make this work for you?

When you develop a mindset for awesomeness and personal growth, you are on your way to being so good they can’t ignore you. This is not about comparing yourself to others but about achieving your own personal best, then setting your sights higher, and doing it again. You need to know the competition and the lay of the land, of course. Most importantly you need to know yourself. Lucky for you, you are your product and your brand. When you take steps to improve yourself, your product gets better and so does your brand.

Wishing you the best,

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In Voiceover And In Life, Give More Than You Get

In Voiceover And In Life, Give More Than You Get

To be successful in this business, you need to do a few things — be really great at voiceover, have a great brand, be a great marketer and have great connections and networking. But the true voiceover achievers I know also do something else: they have a spirit of service that propels them forward.

It occurs to me when working with these overachievers that this is something we could all do better. When you get up in the morning and think, “How can I serve my community with as much heart as possible?” that helps move you forward in this business.

It can be a tricky balance. You don’t want to give so much that your business isn’t viable, or that you’re taken advantage of, or that you become resentful. Here’s some ways you can overdeliver without overextending yourself:

• Turn in your work early. Your client now has your amazing work in hand and they can get on with producing their project.

• Have the most awesome studio possible. Call in a pro who specializes in studio setup. George Whittam, Dan Lenard and Dan Friedman are a few names that come to mind.

• Be a great communicator. Don’t yammer at your clients. Communicate thoroughly so there are no mistakes and you’re giving them exactly what they need.

• Use your skills to add value. Are you a great editor? Do you have great production skills? An awesome music library? Use all the tools at your disposal to give your clients some value-added love.

An actor recently was asked to do a huge last-minute job for a longtime client. It was a ridiculous amount of work and a rush job — a situation that would make many people roll their eyes, act put out and want to do the bare minimum. Instead, this actor concentrated on the payday and the relationships, got the job done with aplomb, beat the deadline, and added editing and production to boot.

Who’s going to be their go-to?

Yep. This actor.

Another actor responded to a similar high-pressure situation with a diva attitude. This actor demanded rush fees, needed to be stroked and soothed by both client and handlers, and felt put out. Guess what?

This actor lost the client.

There’s a fine line between having impeccable customer service and not being a doormat. Talented business professionals know the difference. Protect your rates. Protect professionalism. But don’t be so protective that you assume the world is out to get you.

When you set out to make other people’s lives better and every project as awesome as it can be, your career will grow. And if you do have a client that doesn’t appreciate you or is treating you unfairly you can walk away with a spring in your step knowing that you gave it your all.

Want a little more voiceover goodness? Pick up a copy of “Voiceover Achiever” on Amazon and keep growing your career.

In the spirit of service,










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Spring Cleaning For Your Brand

Greetings VO Achievers,

Recently I was planning my move back to Los Angeles after my kids finish high school. I live in a super-cute, trendy neighborhood that’s full of hundred-year-old homes, many of which are being torn down and replaced by modern mansions. In the past three years, 50 percent of the homes on my block have been replaced.

I was talking to my real-estate agent, and I asked her: is my adorable house a teardown or a fixer-upper? Sometimes in a competitive market that can be a hard call.

Because I see everything through a VO branding prism, this led me to wonder about all of the VO sites out there.

Some are fixer-uppers that just need a little sprucing up. Some are total teardowns. The top sites could appear in voiceover’s version of “House Beautiful” magazine.

Over here in the neighborhood of Voiceover Achiever, branding is our wheelhouse. We believe everyone deserves a great brand and that branding is the key to having the home — and the life — of your dreams.

Yes, that’s right! Chop, chop, lollipop, it’s time to switch out that closet, freshen up that image and make sure your house is in order.

Want a free 15-minute appraisal of your VO brand? I will help you decide whether you have a tear-down, a fixer-upper or brand that’s picture-perfect. Schedule here! And for the DIY-ers out there, pick up your copy of “Voiceover Achiever” on Amazon.

Happy spring and happy brand building!

Psssst! Did you hear? I’m holding an upcoming branding workshop! For details + to register (limited space!), click here.








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Quick Branding Tip to Keep the Passion Flowing

It’s been a month since VoiceOver Atlanta, and I am still energized by the wonderful community we have. What blows me away every year is just how passionate every single person I meet in this industry is — coaches, producers, voice talent, everybody.

I adore being in a space that buzzes with passion, intelligence and focus. My focus, as you know, is empowering this fantastic community through branding. And what better time to work on your brand than now — when that conference buzz is still fresh and spring is in the air?

No time like the present!

Here is one of my favorite exercises from my new book, “Voiceover Achiever: Brand Your VO Career. Change Your Life”:

Branding allows you to tell your story in a way that is entertaining, concise and specific. The trick is to focus in on exactly what that story is and then to emphasize important aspects of it that your ideal customer will find interesting.

I developed this Brand Finder tool with that in mind. And I use it to kickstart the brand discovery process with all my clients. Spending time grappling with — and answering — these questions is a crucial first step toward getting at the heart of your brand story.

  1. What do you want to accomplish? (You must know where you are headed in order to get there. Be as specific as possible)
  2. What makes you competitive and differentiates you from other talent? (Voiceover is an extremely competitive business. Knowing what makes you unique will allow you to carve out your voiceover niche. Sameness makes every single audition like the lottery. Uniqueness makes you stand out, which gives you an edge.)
  3. If you could only audition for one style of copy what would you want it to be? (Your main brand needs to appeal to your core audience. Pick a genre and start there. Nuanced changes in approach can be made for other genres.)
  4. What would you like advertising agencies/buyers to know about you and your style? (In other words, why should anyone hire you? A clear answer to this question is imperative. If you don’t have one, you have work to do.)
  5. How would you describe your current image? (What feels great? What’s missing? What needs an upgrade? Be tough on yourself. Only by assessing yourself honestly will you be able to make improvements.)
  6. In your opinion, is there anything about your image that feels outdated or off-base? (What message are you sending out now? Do you send the wrong message? What could be enhanced or improved upon?)
  7. What words do you associate with your signature sound? (Use detailed language to describe your voice. Be honest. Be bold. You’ll be doing a lot more of this type of thing.)
  8. What colors, textures, moods or metaphors come to mind about your voice/image (your voice/image sounds, feels or is like ______)? (This is my sneaky way to get colorful images from you that you can use to create visuals.)
  9. What popular cultural icons (famous people, movie stars/eras, popular commercial products/trends, etc.), contemporary or historical, could you align with your voice? (What does your story have in common with theirs? Find descriptions of the items on your list and note any clues to your own brand.)
  10. What kind of music, fashions, stores, and what area of the country does your voice feel most comfortable in? (Look at how the entities on your list advertise and again scour the ads for clues to your brand.)
  11. What brands (can be any product or service including other voice talent brands) do you personally like and why? (This one is huge! If you are attracted to someone or something, you see your ideal self aka brand in it. For instance, I love Apple because it is visionary, well designed and a hub for an entire community. That’s what I am on a great day!! I love Zappos. Not for the shoes — I could find shoes anywhere — but for the culture and the customer delightful service! I love giving that kind of service! I love Birchbox because it’s well designed, appealing and tailored just to me. See how you play this game? Spend some serious time noticing and creating around this concept. You can find inspiration in the multi-million-dollar brands that you love.)
  12. Make a list of all the character voices/roles and networks/commercial products that you can see yourself as a perfect fit for.
  13. Write a rough and brief voice talent and career bio. Just a couple paragraphs. You will edit and infuse this bio with your brand later, so don’t sweat the writing too much at this point. Include notable details about your voice and work/professional qualities (feel free to pull from your answers to questions above) as well as your home studio info, where you are located and any personal or professional tidbits that might interest a potential buyer.

See how fun this can be? You are on your way to enhancing everything about your VO biz.

Feeling on a roll? Pick up a copy of “Voiceover Achiever” on Amazon and keep the brand passion going. Need help? Call me for a free 15-minute brand consultation. I’m always here to help you. Whatever you do, make sure you claim your power and brand your career.

Until next time, passionate entrepreneur!


Psssst! Did you hear? I’m holding an upcoming branding workshop! For details + to register (limited space!), click here.








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What’s your superpower? Mine is helping you uncover yours!

vo achiever chapter 3 header photo

*A special treat for you today! Here’s a sneak peek at Chapter 3 of my brand new book, Voiceover Achiever.*

Branding is my life. I even dream brands. After a particular election, I dreamed that I rebranded the losing party — the one I had voted for — to empower it to succeed. I woke up laughing — of course, I was subconsciously using branding to cope with the defeat!

When people find out what I do, they all want to know what my personal brand is. I’ll get to that in a bit, but first I’d like to take you back to the beginning — all the way back to my baby book.

My mom kept a meticulous baby journal that included the usual milestones: first smile, first tooth, first steps. But it was the other entries that gave clues to the person I would become and the personal brand I eventually would share with the world.

In one entry, she wrote that I had a peculiar habit of drifting away from the TV when shows came on but always stayed glued to the set for the commercials. In another, she talked about how I would focus on what was wonderful about pretty much everything under the sun and then talk it up to anyone who would listen.

As I grew older, my favorite sport became guessing people’s stories.

I’ve played this game with camp counselors, bus drivers, servers, college professors, accountants and real estate agents — you name it — and I have an uncanny knack for getting the stories right. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that each story — each person — is just as fascinating as the next. Each of us has a story to tell. My passion is to help bring these stories to the forefront in a truly authentic and compelling way.

Of course, I didn’t start out knowing what my path would be. My talents and interests drew me to the world of voiceover. As I’ve mentioned, early in my career as a talent agent, I became fascinated by the factors that led to success. Everyone I worked with had talent but some were far more successful than others. While the reasons for this gap eluded them, I recognized what was happening and saw the solution. Both the big solution: branding. And the specific brand solution for each client.

This is when I realized I had a knack for seeing brands — for tapping into the essence of individuals so they could shine their brightest.

This was my superpower. Superman had x-ray vision; I had brand vision.

When I started my business I decided it was time to own this unique gift. Armed with years of voiceover industry insider experience, I set out to change the world one person, one talent, one brand at a time.

I formed Celia Siegel Management to provide a clear path to entrepreneurial success for talent I knew had the potential to reach higher heights. I’ve been doing that ever since. I’ve spent much of my career developing proven, fruitful branding strategies that empower and propel the voiceover careers of my clients. This comes as naturally to me as taking those first baby steps.

And it makes me happy.

And now I’m extending my passion for helping those in the voiceover industry find their branding power source by writing this book. You, too, have a personal brand that was already in you when you were taking your first steps. And when you take the time to examine those characteristics that are uniquely you, you, too, can build a brand, a business and a life that makes you happy. It is my firm belief that once you get your brand story right, everything in your life falls into place.

My definition of brand is the story you want to tell the world about who you really are and what the real you can give. Not a super perfect story about who you would be if only you were flawless. To successfully brand yourself, you need to be willing to show not the perfect version of yourself — not who you wish you could be — but who you really are.

So who am I really? What is my brand?

The answer is: brand intuitive. I view the world through a brand prism and see what’s wonderful inside people. I use this talent to help them see it, too, so they can broadcast it to the world.

Once I strike upon a person’s essence, I see the complete brand finished — it comes together like a picture in my head — and I know how to communicate that to a designer so it comes to life as I envision it. When I show the client, nine times out of 10 they literally jump up and down. This is the joy that comes from being seen for who you truly are.

When I work with clients, I create a main brand — an umbrella brand — then tweak how it’s presented for each particular audience. When approaching creative types, you can be more playful and flippant. With corporations, more straightforward and businesslike. It’s the same brand, packaged in a slightly different way.

“Successful brands are not static. Nor are they rooted in static things, like logos, stationery, and slogans,” says Joan Baker, co-founder of Society of Voice Arts and Sciences with her husband Rudy Gaskins. “Brands are dynamic entities that are fueled by creating value for others. As a voice actor, your primary value lies in your voice acting ability, an effective means for delivering your service, and your relationship skills.”

“Branding begins with cultivating genuine value for the audience you seek to serve, i.e., agents, casting directors and buyers. Branding continues by nurturing and expanding your value to accommodate your audience’s evolving needs. Your audience is constantly evolving and brands have to evolve with them or be a step ahead, ready to serve when the audience arrives. Elasticity and innovation allow brands to do this.”

But that doesn’t mean you try to please everyone. Here’s the truly tricky thing about branding: If you do it right some people aren’t going to like it.

In order for branding to work, you have to tell the truth.

My job is to give clients a brand that makes them say, “Aha! That’s my message!” But sometimes they are reluctant to show their true selves even to me.

I had a client I adored (and still do!), but creating her brand was a struggle. Christian Taylor insisted that her brand present an idealized version of herself and I couldn’t talk her out of it. She wouldn’t reveal her whole true self because she was focused on looking perfect. We created her brand. It was safe and pretty. But I didn’t feel it. There were no sharp edges, no dark side, nothing to separate her from the pack. She’s a good actress, so she jumped up and down convincingly when I showed it to her.

I saw her a few months later at a conference. She came up to me after my presentation and said, “Celia, I just listened to your presentation and I saw all your beautiful brands. I don’t like my brand.” I was like, “What?!” because I’m used to the jumping up and down — not this. I said, “Dang it. Let’s fix it.”

We started over. We went through the Voiceover Brand Finder process I developed. It’s a series of questions I use with my clients to help zero in on their brand and create their brand story (You can learn more about this in chapter 5 of my book). We did it and came up with a few ideas. All were authentic, but one stood out — it was completely her: the ultimate neighbor lady, the reliable, resourceful person next door you could always go to, whether to soothe a worry or borrow a cup of sugar.

Again, she resisted. “I can’t do that,” she told me, “That’s too middle- aged.” I wasn’t going to let her make the same mistake again. I told her, “This neighbor lady is beautiful. I want her on my block. I yearn for that woman on my block who I can trust, who I can trust with my story, who I can borrow sugar from, who knows how to make a pie, who would watch my kid if I had an emergency. That person is gorgeous. That’s how you sound and that’s who you are.”

The next time I saw her was at another conference. This time she wasn’t in the audience — she had a booth that people were flocking to. She was all apple pies and stain remover and handing out wooden spoons. She was the ultimate neighbor lady and everyone loved her.

When she saw me, she said, “Celia, my business is so great. People are coming to me and hiring me. I am middle-aged. I’m amazing and I’m wise and I’m still cute as a button. I had to let go and be authentic to get where I am now.

christian taylor voiceover

That’s the biggest challenge of branding — dropping the need to be perfect. Being perfect is exhausting and not as interesting or appealing as being real. It’s like trying to squeeze into a pair of beautiful shoes that are two sizes too small. Now Christian says, “My new branding fits like my favorite flip-flops and makes me feel fabulous. It gives me pride, strength, and presence in the noisy VO marketplace and that makes me exceedingly happy.”



A few years ago, Katie DeGabriel came to me saying she was feeling like a voiceover imposter because she was new to the business. To combat this fraud syndrome, she hired me to develop her brand. We went through the usual process and she was forthcoming … to a point.

Her life was a little messy, she told me, but deep down at her core she was a Zen yoga master and she wanted a brand that reflected that. That quality was definitely in her — an important part of her personality — and we launched a serene, tranquil, ohm-like brand. “That is so me!” she said. “Thank you!”

But in reality, it was only part of her story. A year later, she came clean and admitted she wasn’t actually a Zen yoga master but an overscheduled single mom who longed for a more Zen-like existence. “I’m late for everything. I have stains on my clothes,” she confessed. “I want to be serene but my life is anything but.” Aha, this was her real authentic self. We rebranded her with the tagline “Maternally cool. Eternally real.” The visuals depict a many-armed mom a la the goddess Kali trying to do it all. Guess who’s bookings went through the roof?

Katie recently sent me a thank-you email for helping her peel back the layers of the onion to reveal “the true me, my authentic brand: the single mom doing voiceover work.”

“I love my brand because it’s me, my truth, and I’m finally OK showing that to the VO industry,” she wrote.

katie degabriel voiceover

We think that being perfect makes us attractive, desirable, hirable. But the truth is that only by showing our true imperfect selves do we attract our tribe.

There is magic on the dark side.

What are you really terrible at? Like super painfully awful at? There is a pot of gold 180 degrees away from that. Your brilliance can always be found on the flipside of your weaknesses.

I’ll go first.

If you spin me around, I will be lost. I can’t navigate my way anywhere I haven’t been at least a hundred times already. I can’t even find my table at a restaurant when I come out of the bathroom. Don’t even get me started on airports. I tried for years to become a directionally savvy person. It was a constant struggle.

One day while I was busy driving around trying to find the new coffee shop without directions, it hit me: I was watering a dead plant. This was sucking energy away from what comes naturally to me — being creative. You might spend years running from your shadow side. But you can’t escape it. So you might as well stop running and embrace it.

GPS changed my life. And I’m probably the only person ever who asks, “May I have a table near the bathroom?” and “Would you mind if I follow you out of the airport?” These adaptations let me spend more time and brainpower doing what I am meant to be doing: tuning in and finding the authentic brand in each person I meet.

There’s a reason you picked up this book.

It is no accident. Like me, you have a message, a beautiful message to share with the world. You also have a mission — the world needs your gifts. And you yearn to attract your tribe. We all do. It’s human nature.

But a lot of us work alone now. We’re on our screens, doing the hard work of being a voiceover entrepreneur. It’s not nine to five; it’s 24/7. Technology can be a trap, a cage that isolates us and distracts us from who we really are. So what’s the answer? How do we share our message when we’re flying solo all the time?

By remembering that this miracle called the Internet is actually a superhighway. That very same thing that puts us in isolation, clips our wings and leaves us less than fulfilled can actually help us attract our tribe. On this superhighway, you can go anywhere, meet anyone. You may find your tribe on the other side of the country. Doesn’t that sound fun?

I’d like you to take a minute, shut your eyes and think about what your mission is. What were you put on this earth to do? Who do you want to serve? Spend a few minutes meditating on how your whole life story has brought you to this mission. Feel the joy and the humanity of fulfilling that mission. Sit with that feeling. Savor it.

Now that you have that feeling, I want to ask a tough question: Do you want to walk away from that and settle for Plan B? Or do you want to put everything you’ve got into making Plan A — your mission on this great big planet full of all sorts of people — happen?

Your inner skeptic may be insisting on a practical Plan B. I urge you to shove that naysayer aside for a few moments and visualize your heart’s desire. It feels great, doesn’t it?

Are you prepared to show — not the perfect, aspirational, Photoshopped version of yourself but your true vulnerable self? Are you ready to be honest — not about what you wish you could do for a living but what you really want to do? Are you prepared to connect — not with some idealized customer but with your tribe?

I challenge you to really step outside into the light and show the real you. That’s what your tribe wants. As for me, I want the whole world to be branded. I will sleep better at night knowing more people are finding success and happiness by getting their brand right. When you get your brand right, you’ll sleep better, too.


Ready to find your superpower?

One of the services I provide to clients is being a sounding board, someone to talk to as they go through the challenging process of self- exploration required to uncover their brand.

Work with me here.

Interested in reading more? Grab my new book, Voiceover Achiever here!








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Your permission slip to start the new year in February

I’ve seen the joke, “January was a test run, let’s start the new year in February” and I can’t help but giggle (and agree!)

How many of you feel that pressure in December to not only wrap up your business on a high note, host the holidays with your crazy aunt Beatrice in tow and plan for a fabulous and successful new year?


Here’s a little how my mind looks towards the end of the year:

-Oooo yum! I HAVE to try that caramel peanut brittle recipe I saw on Instagram.
-Must. Make. Dreamboard.
-Hmm, what is my word of the year?
-What am I going to get my teenage daughters this year??
-Ugh, tax time is coming.

Let’s be realistic. For me (and all of you with your hands in the air) January rolls around and while that motivation is high, it does feel like a lot of pressure to have it all together on January 1.

January isn’t the end all be all month for setting yourself up for success. Here’s how to set yourself up for success anytime of the year.

Outsource that shiz.

Look, I get that delegating your tasks can be a bit panic inducing. Your business is your baby and you don’t want anyone to mess it up.

But as tempting as it can be to be a total control freak, keep on your voiceover hat, it looks great on you. That video editing scarf? Not so much…

One of the best things I ever invested in for my business was a virtual assistant.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “but it’s SO expensive, I’ll never be able to afford that.” But you have to think of it like this – the ones that invest, get more in return. Sure, it’s scary but guess what? I’ve been able to better my business, increase my exposure and get more done = more $$$.

Here is a list of some tasks that you can delegate today:

-Billing / invoices and follow-up
-Website updates
-Demo creation + edits. Yeah, I know you can do it – but give it to an expert.
-Hire a housecleaner. Spend $100 or 6 hours scrubbing your house. Your choice.

You deserve the help. Get into that mindset.

Make a plan.

Write it down. Make a plan.

You don’t need a fancy nancy planner (although I do love myself a good one!). A pen and paper or a Google doc works just fine.

What’s really been helping me is having a theme for the month. I use this theme for my blog posts, my newsletters and my social media. January’s theme? Everything Voiceover Achiever.


We often overlook all the things we do on a daily basis. If we’re working on something daily, it should definitely be simplified and as productive as possible.

Here are some examples:

-You keep all of your contact info in a spreadsheet. It works but it’s kind of out of control. Solution? It’s time to look into customer relationship management (CRM) software.
-Instead of checking your email every 20 minutes, give yourself permission to look 3-5 times per day.
-Automate social media. BUT, not everything. Have a big list of engaging questions you’d like to ask over time? Schedule them! Have a bucket load of inspirational quotes on a sleek backdrop? Automate them! While automating is great, be sure to check in daily and respond and interact in real time. Favorite tools for social media scheduling: Hootsuite, Facebook Scheduler, Grum.

Be flexible + patient.

To keep yourself motivated, take notice of what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished.

It’s easy to get lost in the day by day tasks. But you know what? Those small tasks are all leading to something bigger.

And remember, it’s okay to be flexible. You might initially decide to put a lot of energy into one year, but midyear, you realize that strategy isn’t working as well as you thought.

Tip: I love having a handy dandy checklist next to me (I love a physical checklist but iDoneThis is pretty fabulous for a digital option)

The satisfaction of checking off what I did that day feels GOOD. Like reaaaaal good.

Was January a practice run for you? Share with me in the comments below!

Just take a breather. I know social media makes it appear that everyone has it together but newsflash, we don’t.

The year ahead is a journey. It’s never too late to get started on your goals.





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The Catch-22’s of Voiceover

You may have realized that at every turn in your voiceover career, there’s a catch-22.

  • You need a great demo to get a great agent—but you need to be making money to pay for the great demo.
  • You need agents to get jobs, but you need jobs to get agents.
  • You need a brand that stands out—but it’s an investment to pay for the brand.
  • You need time to audition, but you need money to make time.

Does this ever make you feel confused? You may feel like you’re constantly at the end of a cliff, questioning whether you should take a leap of faith. Taking the next step is not just about crossing your fingers—it’s about being strategic! Here are some tips for when to take the leap.

    1. You can afford the investment. What do successful people have in common? They keep learning and keep investing in themselves. The minute you can afford it, invest in yourself.
    2. Your heart says yes. Is this right for your business? Is this right for you? If you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night with it nagging at you, it probably is. When your heart says yes, it’s important to listen.
    3. You’ve hit a plateau. If you’re booking as many jobs as you can, and you’re not sure how to keep improving, it’s time to make a shift.
    4. Your booking ratio is going up. When you’re consistently booking a higher percentage of jobs, it’s a good sign of things to come.
    5. You’ve consistently hit your financial goal for at least 4 months in a row. (For really big leaps, like moving across the country, I recommend 12 months.)
    6. You’ve got connections. If you’re immersed in the industry and the community—and know key players who can help you career improve, it’s a good time to leverage opportunities.
    7. You are getting the green light from the business. When you belong in this industry, you are not in a bubble. You are interacting in positive ways. Pay attention to the feedback you are getting from your efforts. Sometimes the VO industry chooses you and sweeps you into the tide. Listen to the signs.

When success is on the horizon, the signs will be everywhere—and you won’t be lost in Catch-22 Land. Always with strategy and a plan, I help clients answer tough questions, get ready, and take the leap.

Have a possible next step that’s puzzling you? Let’s talk about it Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.


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The Industry Is Changing: Here’s How To Handle It

I know it’s a shake-up out there. With the recent upheaval in the voiceover industry, it’s undeniable that the industry is changing. Are you wondering what to do about it? I know the answer with every cell in my body: It’s a call to be more awesome and authentic.

What can you personally do? As a VO actor, you can leverage this change for your benefit. Here are my tips on how to shine as the amazing, rocking individual you are—and not get eaten alive by

  1. Raise the bar. The better you are, the higher it raises the bar. The voice actors who embrace this mentality will separate themselves from the pack. Keep our community awesome by being awesome individually. Look deep inside at your skills, personality and strengths. Refine and show off your authentic brand so you are an individual, not a commodity.
  2. Root yourself in the community. Be there for each other. Support our industry. Speak up. Protect each other in this new marketplace by having united relationships and refusing the status quo.
  3. Look to outside industries. Remember, we are not alone. This commoditization is happening in so many industries. But businesses are standing out and creating great success by honing in. Retailers like Glossier are thriving by being specific, on the pulse, using technology and having stellar customer service. They know who they are—and what their audience wants. That’s a powerful combination when it comes to standing out.
  4. Go deeper. Build stronger relationships by being personable, knowing your clients, listening to them and solving their problems. When you make their job easier, you’re more than an on-demand voice and you become indispensable.
  5. Be mindful. You have a limited 24/hours a day. Use these hours to say NO WAY to being commoditized. As you move forward in this new landscape, ask yourself: Is this positioning me as unique and high-end, or making me blend in?
  6. Get your tools together. When people understand exactly who you are, it immediately elevates you…but it takes organization in order to do that. Get your brand organized. Then hop on your resilient boat of entrepreneurship and spread the word.

You’re not one of 200,000. You’re one of a kind.

Want to make sure you have everything you need to shine? Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.


P.S. For more on this topic, here’s a recent article from VoiceOverXtra that I was quoted in: Responding To Change: As Individuals And A Community, You Have Voice And Choice.

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