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You are one masterclass away from creating an authentic & gutsy brand that gets you the success you want and the life you dream of.

Voiceover branding pioneer and author, Celia Siegel, has designed the Voiceover Achiever Branding Masterclass to teach you how to build brand magic. Over the course of 5 action-packed webinars, Celia walks you through the steps you need to follow to strategically use your personal truth to craft a captivating brand.

It’s time to successfully brand your voiceover career and change your life.



You've got talent and you are training, marketing and auditioning. It feels like you're doing all the right things but still not booking enough, and you're not sure why. You feel frustrated because you are not maximizing your potential (or your revenue!).

Sound familiar? Then listen up! Here’s the good news!! Celia knows what it takes to build a brand that will raise you up and over the barriers you face getting seen & heard in the voiceover world.

Celia is a voiceover industry insider renowned for championing and growing voiceover talent careers. She is the mastermind behind scores of successful brands. Now she wants to share her branding wisdom with you.

You too can master the Celia Siegel approach. Twenty years of branding experience and expertise is packed into Celia's popular book, Voiceover Achiever, and now her new online masterclass. This means you can now follow her tried & true roadmap to generate your unstoppable brand story and produce a brand strategy that will catapult your career.


Celia Siegel has designed the Voiceover Achiever Branding Masterclass so you can create a truth-driven brand that works around the clock to ensure you are seen, heard and rock star level busy. This is what we call brand magic! Commit to learning from a branding visionary and gain branding knowledge that enables you to stand out in the voiceover market and grow your business.

By the end of this course you will know how to:


Get honest in your brand. When you do, you’re going to show up in the voiceover world in a powerful way. In this course, Celia shows you what drives successful brands, and why EVERYONE is brandable…including you!


An effective brand is like a pipeline. It connects you to the PEOPLE WHO NEED YOU and aligns you to THE PEOPLE YOU NEED. You'll learn a bootstrap approach to using brand magic to make your community dynamic, devoted and global. Hoorah!


The voiceover world needs your unique blend of awesomeness. Engage in fine-tuned exercises to help you discover the part of yourself that is the very best raw material for building a magnetic brand story.


Psssssst. Here’s an important VO branding secret: your brand has to have charisma but you don’t! Master this course and let your brand story go to work for you. Gain access to a step-by-step guide to building a brand that revs up your career and boosts your confidence.


Gain access to tried & true branding know-how. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn the branding methods of a voiceover branding visionary? Be strategic and Tap. This. Knowledge. Now.


You can choose to spend years figuring out how to make it - OR, you can get there now by joining a course that teaches you a VO insider's methods. What's it going to be? Are you ready to join Celia to brand your career and change your life? Chop, chop, Lollipop - let's get this VO branding party started!


(These folks did!)



In this module, we’ll identify the roadblocks in your VO Career and work on sure solutions to overcome them. We’ll talk about how to not only reach your full potential but maintain and maximize it through strategic steps you can take NOW to accelerate your business growth and success.

We’ll talk:
>> More agents
>> More auditions
>> More bookings
>> More direct bookings
>> More recognition
>> More creativity
>> More satisfaction

We're going to identify that nebulous thing that's between you and what you want. That's your roadblock.


In this module, we will identify the power of being completely and authentically you. There are 7 billion people on this planet and there's only one you - at the end of the day, that is what the buyer is buying. Let's harness the magic, your inner celebrity.

We’ll talk:

>> How to show up each day as the real you
>> Finding your inner celebrity
>> Everyday bravery
>> Avoiding the temptation to only show your “perfect” self - boring!
>> Showing and sharing the full spectrum version of you


A strong personal brand is essential and the fertile ground from which all that you want can grow. Getting your brand right is truly an altogether life changing experience. Join us for this intensely invigorating and thrilling deep dive into your brand.

This is not your average branding workshop.

We’ll be working on clear, constructive and powerful exercises to unearth the brand that already exists within you and bring it to the world where it belongs – working for you 24/7 and making you and your career unstoppable.

Do the work and at the end of this module you’ll have:

>> Your tagline
>> Your brand story
>> Your branded bio
>> Your BRAND!

Trust me… this is going to be FUN!


This is where we pull your whole brand together and get ready to present it to the world. In this second layer of your branding process, we take the work you did in Module 3 and bring it to vibrant visual life with expert guidance, tools, tips and real time feedback.

A lot of branding guides don’t spend enough time properly marrying your brand language to your brand visuals. This is where the magic really happens… let’s play.

In this module you’ll create:
Your brand look (including fonts and colors)
>> How to look fancy without breaking the bank
>> Key images to use in your marketing
>> Key webpages
>> Social media profiles
>> Business card

And more!

A lot of people ask me how they’ll know when it’s right. At the end of this module, you’ll know what a good brand is for you, and I am excited to help get you there!


Time to shine! The morning that you wake up and you have your on-brand website, social media profiles, business cards, and fold over note card together, you are going to feel like a totally brand spankin’ new person and talent. You will become well prepared to take that hard-earned spark and confidence and educate the world about your voice.

In this final module, you’ll learn how to put your brand to work and reap tangible, lasting results through:

>> Networking
>> Making the most out of social media
>> Growing your tribe
>> Your marketing calendar
>> CRM Management

Chop, chop Lollipop – let’s get this VO branding party started!


"The best part of launching my new brand is the consistent response of ‘I love it!’ that I've received from agents, potential clients and others in the industry. It fits me like a glove!"

- Lynn Norris

"After my brand launched, the number one thing that surprised me was how much my confidence rose. I felt like I had a whole package that I could proudly present to anyone without hesitation. And it worked. People have told me how impressed they are, how memorable my brand is and that it really matches my personality — especially my business cards."

- Rebecca Davis

"I suppose the most surprising change I've seen since taking on my brand and owning it, is that it's changed not only how I market, but to whom. I'm much more focused now. I know who I am, how I'm represented in the marketplace with my brand and now marketing is easier and less stressful because all I have to remember is to be true to myself and my brand."

- Dustin Ebaugh

"The most noticeable change since launching my brand is that both my confidence and my traffic to all profiles and websites have increased. People’s reaction to my business card alone is instant! They recognize that the interaction they have with me is authentic and the brand that is on the card keeps that intrigue piqued. I LOVE my brand!!! It makes me swoon."

- Traci Wilde

"The most surprising change I've seen since launching my brand is how many times I'll get a request for an audition or a gig simply because someone noticed my branding and decided to check out more. I learned that a good brand goes beyond just a strong first impression — it is a sizzling elevator speech mixed with a charismatic smile that draws people in!"

- Iesha Nyree

"Having a brand that captured my work and my personality gave me confidence that I could be as professional as I wanted to be. My website and tagline get me noticed and producers and talent agents comment on it. A lot of people have a good voice and demos and a website. Having this brand gives me an edge in a very competitive field."

- Amanda Utter

"Since I built my brand and launched my new site, clients will often say, ‘We really like the approach you did on such and such spot.’ Hallelujah! Not only did they visit my site, but they actually left the homepage, played some demos and watched the videos (site stats don’t lie)! My site is now a virtual storefront that feels authentically me, and I’m incredibly proud of it."

- Andie Duncan

"Celia Siegal is most definitely a 'brand whisperer' so when she offered the virtual Voiceover Brandology course, I knew I had to be a part of it. The group dynamic provided for great feedback from the other participants and allowed each of us to not only help our classmates, but take away branding gems as Celia worked her magic with each of us. This course provided the necessary kick-start I needed to get working on my updated voiceover brand and I'm so glad I was a part of it!"

- Pamela Muldoon

"Branding and marketing are completely foreign languages to me. Having an expert like Celia guide me through this process was absolutely invaluable! I love my new brand, and I never would have figured out how to draw out the key pieces and put it all together without her. Thank you, Celia, for putting this class together, and for so willingly sharing your incredibly deep knowledge and amazing branding instincts!"

- Heather Smith

"As you would expect just by looking at Celia's brand, Brandology was fun, engaging and inspiring. The content is well organized and thoughtful. The exercises were not too taxing, but also just hard enough to make you think and get out of your comfort zone. I was amazed at what insights the class gave me to my own brand and am so excited to be launching it very soon! Celia is extraordinary at what she does and her insights were priceless to me creating a great brand that is 100% me and that I can totally embrace, expand, face and engage the world with. Look out world, here comes Austin Horse Properties! Thank you Ceila and Co.!"

- Bettina Babbitt

"Voiceover Achiever is a great book that has helped me so much with branding almost instantly. It reminds me of how much I was able to learn from a textbook in college, and sometimes be fortunate enough to take a course where the professor wrote the textbook. There is something magical and incomparable about this experience. Brandology is that type of course.”

- Jeremy Rosenfeld