Brand, baby, brand!
Power branding for VO talent

You've got the talent. Now, it’s time to tell your brand story.

In 2018, every serious voice talent needsCelia Siegel | Celia Siegel Management
to cultivate a strong, memorable personal brand.

In this workshop, noted brand visionary Celia Siegel will walk you through the proven branding exercises in her book, Voiceover Achiever.

She’ll deliver hands-on expert advice and game-changing guidance designed to help you discover and deliver the brand that lives in you.

You will walk away with answers to your burning questions and actionable plans that will allow you to start unearthing your strong, authentic brand in a way that will tell buyers exactly who you are and why they need you — with confidence, style and results.

In this workshop, 
Celia breaks down why proper development and marketing of a strong personal brand are the best things you can do to empower and propel your VO career.

She will:

Listen to your demos and workshop YOUR unique brand through her proven Voiceover Achiever branding exercises.

Share tips on unearthing the authentic brand that already exists within you and figuring out exactly what it should look and feel like.

Show how your brand can work hard for you while you are working hard being creative.

Share tips from Celia Siegel Management's PR & Social Media department on how to distribute branded content across a variety of platforms and other communication mediums.

Share how a bespoke brand will build confidence and reap big results.


What Others Are Saying...

"I just found out exactly what my brand is! If you need a quick, clear, concise snapshot of what's most commercial about you, take Celia Siegel's next workshop. Celia sees your brand and what's special about you. At the end of two hours, you'll have the words and concepts you need to market yourself to the industry." -Veleka Gray, Valeka.com

Special Notes:

*Send Celia your demos, current branding and website/marketing materials prior to event.

*Be aware of brands, out in the world and no matter the product, that appeal to you.

*Check out your competition's branding & websites and consider what appeals to you, what does not, and why.

*Think about the ideal jobs you would like to land.

*Bring your creative brain, it is going to be a fun and productive day.

As your main VO Brand Prep School textbook, purchase of Voiceover Achiever is required for this workshop. Grab it here!

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Investment: $350.00

Go ahead and block two full hours on your calendar for this jam packed workshop.