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Are you ready to maximize every aspect of your voiceover career? You’re in the right place if you are a competitive VO talent and…

You know that your bottom line should be rising. You could be working more, maximizing your potential and booking the jobs of your dreams – both in types of work and reaching your financial goals.

You have VO FOMO. It seems like everyone’s careers are bigger and better than yours – they’re making better money, have better agents and better opportunities than you. Buyers do not know you and agents are not rushing to sign you or your current agent does not have you top of mind.

You crave true confidence and want to show up powerfully in your career but you’re not sure how. You want to be an entrepreneur that builds their businesses with a rock solid foundation of smart business planning, a brand that can bang down doors, and a strategic marketing plan.

If you need help developing and implementing a sound business strategy and unearthing a strong, unforgettable brand that transforms your career and your life work with us by clicking the button below.

Finding Your Brand Spark: Creating Your Brand Platform and Brand Story

You are one workshop away from gaining the necessary knowledge to help you create an authentic & gutsy brand that gets you the success you want and the life you dream of.

Voiceover branding pioneer and author, Celia Siegel, has designed the Voiceover Achiever 1-Day Branding Workshop to teach you all you need to know about branding 101, brand attraction, the importance of what you rant about most and more!

Celia walks you through the steps you need to follow to strategically use your personal truth to craft a captivating brand.

It’s time to successfully brand your voiceover career and change your life.

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Meet the CSM Team:

Learn a bit about our founder, Celia Siegel, and our experienced and exceptionally talented management professionals.

Visit the home of the CSM voice talent roster where we generate brand awareness, promotional outreach and community for our clients.
voiceover achiever by celia siegel
voiceover achiever. brand your vo career, change your life.
voiceover achiever. brand your vo career, change your life.

Want to know all my secrets?

In Voiceover Achiever, I’ve shared the steps (and secrets!) my team and I use to build career-catapulting brands for CSM clients. And now they’re yours.

Ready to make your brand unstoppable?

My book makes it easy and fun.

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