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When so many talented voice actors, across the globe, are trying to access the same casting opportunities, how do you position yourself to stand out in the increasingly competitive VO marketplace? You’ve got to have a brand. And not just any old brand, but a confidence-building, door-opening, life-changing brand that screams you, educates the world about your voice, and works for you 24-7 – and that’s our specialty.

CSM is a VO industry pioneer and leader in personal branding and helping voice actors like you develop and implement a sound business strategy. We know how to give you the tools to show up more powerfully in your career than you can imagine and take great pride & passion in doing so.

We understand that you and your needs are as unique as your talent, so no matter where you are at in your career, we have a package that will not only get your particular VO party started, but make it the kind of ongoing and outstanding biz shindig all the right people will want to attend – time and again.

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