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Praise for Celia Siegel Management

Angela Colville

Celia truly has a gift – the effortless innate ability to hone in on who you are – not only as a professional but as an individual – and then combine them in the most skillful and savvy way. It is absolutely amazing. And she is so much fun to work with! I am very thankful and thrilled to have Celia and her extremely talented and creative team help me to feel SEEN and ensure that I will debut as my TRUE SELF with my voiceover brand. They do not miss a single detail. My experience working with Celia Siegel Management has been empowering and encouraging – hiring Celia Siegel Management will seriously be one of the best decisions you make for your career – and your life.

J. Rodney Turner

The process of creating my brand was an awesome experience. It allowed me to see myself more clearly. The most important element that came out of this process was knowing, for myself, what type of scripts and jobs I would have a very high percentage chance of being able to book — and those I needed to simply leave for someone else. That, in and of itself, allowed me to be more free in the auditioning process as well as the other areas of working to build a VO career.

Machelle Williams

The plan we laid out is working to perfection. I have competed 30 books, and I have just completed a project for Harper Audio and am starting another project with Tantor. The items we listed in the plan… and even the elements in the branding… seemed so aspirational at the time and I wondered if I wasn’t just being crazy… but here I am! I still get major compliments on my branding and I can proudly say today that I am a… Story Shaper. Suspense Maker. Breath Taker. Thank you for everything, Celia and team!!

Amelia Borella

I am beyond grateful that I am working with Celia! She encouraged me to get clear about what I want my brand to convey to buyers, retool & improve my materials & take a detailed look at what I want to achieve in the industry. Her Insight & support has been invaluable & I’m finally taking the reins of my career & levelling up!

Amanda Utter

Having a brand that captured my work and my personality gave me confidence that I could be as professional as I wanted to be. My website and tagline get me noticed and producers and talent agents comment on it. A lot of people have a good voice and demos and a website. Having this brand gives me an edge in a very competitive field.

Lynn Norris

The best part of launching my new brand is the consistent response of ‘I love it!’ that I’ve received from agents, potential clients and others in the industry. It fits me like a glove!

Rebecca Davis

After my brand launched, the number one thing that surprised me was how much my confidence rose. I felt like I had a whole package that I could proudly present to anyone without hesitation. And it worked. People have told me how impressed they are, how memorable my brand is and that it really matches my personality — especially my business cards.

Jillian Nielson

The most surprising change I’ve seen since launching my brand is the level of confidence I have when presenting myself to potential clients. I feel like I have always had confidence in my abilities, but now I’m able to convey that more readily to everyone else!

Dustin Ebaugh

I suppose the most surprising change I’ve seen since taking on my brand and owning it, is that it’s changed not only how I market, but to whom. I’m much more focused now. I know who I am, how I’m represented in the marketplace with my brand and now marketing is easier and less stressful because all I have to remember is to be true to myself and my brand.

Iesha Nyree

The most surprising change I’ve seen since launching my brand is how many times I’ll get a request for an audition or a gig simply because someone noticed my branding and decided to check out more. I learned that a good brand goes beyond just a strong first impression — it is a sizzling elevator speech mixed with a charismatic smile that draws people in!

Andie Duncan

Since I launched my new site, clients will often say, ‘We really like the approach you did on such and such spot.’ Hallelujah! Not only did they visit my site, but they actually left the homepage, played some demos and watched the videos (site stats don’t lie)! My site is a virtual storefront that feels authentically me, and I’m incredibly proud of it.

Kelley Huston

My clients are typically people in the advertising and marketing world.  Because my brand is conceptually and visually interesting, they tend to appreciate it and often even remark on it.  I’m often asked questions about my website or am given compliments about it, which becomes an opportunity to build the relationship. My brand has been a conversation starter, which has been an unexpected surprise.

Christian Taylor

Celia Siegel is smashingly creative, fun, innovative and bold! She pushed me right out of my comfort zone and into a brand identity I didn’t even realize I embodied. Once my mind sat with the idea a few days… I saw the truth of it and the genius! Now I LOVE it and am rocking the endless promo opportunities, business cards and my brand spanking new website! Additionally, her career coaching doubled my bottom line with an industry mind shift. I highly recommend Celia and her team amazing at CSM – they are well worth the investment, hands down!

Traci Wilde

The most noticeable change since launching my brand is that both my confidence and my traffic to all profiles and websites have increased. People’s reaction to my business card alone is instant! They recognize that the interaction they have with me is authentic and the brand that is on the card keeps that intrigue piqued. The process of developing my brand was so thorough, personal and layered it completely changed the dynamic of my business in every way. It brought out even more of my inner creativity and allowed me to really pinpoint my ‘ground zero’ business vision. I LOVE my brand!!! It makes me swoon.

Heather Costa

I have loved working with Celia Siegel. She is a true professional, with a kind heart. Celia is a wealth of knowledge and really knows how to bring out the best in people. From creating a business plan, to unique branding, to making sure your demos are top notch, and who and how to contact those seemingly unreachable opportunities, she’s the real thing! I knew from the first conversation we had together, that she was something special – someone that would really make a difference in my career, and I was right. My time with Celia has been invaluable.

Kay Bess

Celia Siegel Management has been a great asset to my voice-over career. Celia and Marnie were extraordinarily helpful in putting together a marketing strategy, working closely and congenially with me and my web designer. Celia’s skills as a life coach come in quite handy when navigating the emotional and psychological waters of keeping a VO career alive and thriving in these crazy and competitive times! And the best part is that Celia Siegel and Marnie Lee are just about the best, most fun gals you’re ever gonna meet…

Mindy Baer

I have been a voice actress for over 20 years and have enjoyed varying degrees of success. When I made the decision to hire a manager, I did so, on a trial basis as I was skeptical. It has been the BEST business decision I have ever made! Having Celia Siegel and her team manage my career has paid for itself in spades, and it has made me a better actress and elevated my career to a level I only dreamed was possible!

Nazia Chaudhry

Celia, you are my lucky charm. I met you at the exact moment I was feeling overwhelmed with my career branding, since there are so many facets to my work aside from voice acting. I would never have been able to manage my branding and voiceover career during the release of my album without you and your team. CSM did a gorgeous job on my site and brand, and it has been a complete game changer in all aspects of my career since the launch. Thank you for all you continue to do for your clients.

Sally Clawson

Top three things about Celia Siegel: 1 – She is a genius at marketing and branding. She knows her clients and she translates what she knows into a strong promotional campaign. 2 – She is not afraid to go to bat for her clients and get them the seemingly inaccessible graphic image, or access to that elusive agent. 3 – She knows the VO business, and knows THE people in the business.

Lyssa Graham

Here’s the thing about working with Celia. She gets you. In a way that other folks don’t. And Celia is willing to go all the way out to the edge with you if that’s who you are. She’s incredibly generous with her time and talents. Proof? Our first marketing campaign got me a positive response 36 minutes after the e-mail blast left my outbox…and then there’s the 4 agents I landed in 2 weeks with her help. Celia is a bad-ass rock star!

Debi Mae West

Celia was my first VO agent 16 plus years ago, when I was trying to break into the business that really didn’t accommodate too many women. She fought for me and pushed my limitations as an actor and basically helped catapult me into what is still a stunning career. I owe so much to her for seeing me for exactly who I am, and being able to use her instincts to push me in just the right direction for MY talents.

Sydney Rainin

I have had a wonderful working relationship with Celia Siegel for over 12 years. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the voice over industry and is really easy to work with. She has helped me market, organize, analyze, and hone my business in beautiful and unique ways over the years. I trust her like no one else in the industry — to be honest, truthful and relevant about the voice over business in general and my place in it.

Brady Hales

I highly endorse Celia Siegel as one of the most professional and savvy managers whom I have had the pleasure of working with. As an experienced agent at reputable talent agencies, Celia has keen understanding of what works.

Joe Zieja

I can’t thank Celia enough for all the work she’s done for me over the last year and a half we’ve been working together. I don’t know this industry very well, but I know that people work for 20 years to get where I am now, and I wouldn’t be here without CSM. Celia is awesome, and I really think this is about to explode in ways I never thought possible.

Margaret Lorentz

What can I say, Celia Siegel is brilliant. Her creativity, enthusiasm and business expertise made her a joy to work with. She did it all, and in a way that produced results.

Lynda Crotty

I went in with a dream and came out with an action plan. Smart. Intuitive. Tireless. Celia has a way of getting to the truth of what you want and inspiring you to confidently pursue it. She was born to elevate others. I would still be running in place without her.

Julie Marcus

As a result of working with Celia Siegel Management, I can confidently say that my career has clearly been taken to the next level.

Brent Abdulla

I’m totally stoked on the branding verbiage, images and feel of the whole picture. I feel it’s an extension of me. Yay mission accomplished.

Holly Franklin

I’m 97 percent sure Celia Siegel is secretly a mind-reader who literally dove into my brain and created a brand that makes me feel like I’m on a freakin’ Disney World vacation every day of my life!

Jon Ruhff

I absolutely would not be where I am in my voiceover career without Celia. Her creativity and industry experience is exactly what is needed to further anyone’s voiceover journey. Get serious, get ready, and get Celia. You will not regret it!

Moe Rock

After hiring and then firing a few graphic designers because I just couldn’t explain what I was looking for, I found Celia Siegel.  I knew from our first conversation that I wanted to hire her to do my branding.  Wow, what a difference!!  It was like Celia reached into my head, grabbed my personality and threw it onto a website and into a brand.

Karyn O'Bryant

Working with Celia is amazing. She really drilled down to figure out what makes me tick. Celia has an incredible wealth of experience with and knowledge about the voiceover world. I can ask her any question and she has insightful ideas and responses that help bring my business up to the next level.

Johnna Rae

Celia is a branding genius, phenomenal at zeroing in on your essence as a talent and an individual. She has access to tools you didn’t even know you needed! With Celia’s help, I spruced up my editing skills, built a solid brand that is completely in alignment with who I am, got a beautiful website (seriously, it’s to die for!), and got marketed/promoted. If you are wondering if you need her help or it’s worth it, IT IS. It’s probably one of the best investments you’ll make in your VO business. I’m so glad I had Celia and her staff, I feel like a got a running head start! Thank you Celia Siegel Management.

Ian Fishman

If you’re a voice actor looking to level up your career and develop your personal brand, CSM has to be your first call. Celia and her team are simply phenomenal when it comes to unlocking what it is that makes your voice yours [after all, there’s a reason she literally wrote the book on voice over branding!] and coaching you into finding your niche and growing your business — in three months, we created a completely new voice over brand that was sleek, professional, and authentically me that would’ve taken me literal years to hone in on and discover otherwise. The perfect balance of genuine encouragement, empathy and tough love, CSM is easily one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your voiceover business.

Kristen Simoes

Celia Siegel and her entire team are truly amazing, creative, fun people to work with! I went to Celia for help transitioning my former broadcast career into voiceover. She not only created a brand that I connect with, she truly helped to guide me through new territory to a career that I love. Celia is like a brand manager – business coach – caring mentor – social media maven – do it all Wonder Woman – in one small, energetic package! I feel fortunate to work with her.

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