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VO Viral: Social Media Management Program

This package is all about social media, momentum & crucial career maintenance.


Too busy behind the mic to manage your own social media? Do as the celebrities do and hire a professional social media specialist. Introducing VO Viral: CSM’s social media management program.

This package is a month-to-month, platform-to-platform program for CSM Live Your Brand members to elect into.

What you get from the VO Viral program:


• A complete social media audit of all platforms to assess where you are currently at in terms of social media

• A detailed list of best practices to implement for each social media platform

• Regular meetings with Aya, CSM’s social media specialist, with ongoing email access to brainstorm, generate and approve social media content

• Management of these social media platforms which can include, but are not limited to, implementing best practices, creating graphics/templates, captioning, hashtagging, tagging, and scheduling weekly content on your behalf

• A feature post on VO Chateau social media accounts


What you get from our a la carte Social Media Makeover program:


•A complete social media audit of your platform

• A detailed list of best practices to implement on your social media platform

• A comprehensive facelift of your social media profile to improve your first impression and better engage your audience

• A set-up of any unused, important features on that platform

Your investment:

VO Viral package: $400/mo for management of 3 social media programs

(in network – priority to VO Château clients)

Social Media Makeover: $200 per platform

(in and out of network available to any talent)

Additional offering for our Social Media Makeover: 50% off the SMM for all talent graduating from our branding program OR it’s free if talent go straight into the Live Your Brand program

Mark Benninghofen

Imagine how quickly a guy like Fred Flintstone would drown in the Social Media ocean.

Aya Maruyama, CSM’s brilliant, delightful and patient Social Media Whiz found me on the seafloor under a pile of old accounts, half-finished profiles, forgotten passwords and some carpet remnants from the Titanic.

She listened to me. She waded through my baseless fear and apprehension about social media in general and then helped me understand how we might begin to build a presence that could raise awareness about my work without overwhelming my time and feeble abilities.

Aya is a natural at this stuff; she’s a fast, facile creative who can help with everything from layout to copy. She knows all the platforms inside-and-out. But maybe most importantly, she’ll detail a manageable, strategic plan that you can understand, get excited about and stick to.

If tackling social media is next on your list, get in touch with Aya and let her help you smooth the rough waters.

I couldn’t have done it without her.

Kristen Simoes

Signing up for Celia Siegel Management’s VO Viral program was such a great decision and a huge time saver for me! Being active and engaged on social media is something I realize is important, but I lack the time, interest, and knowledge to be really effective on my own. Celia’s team is amazing. Aya checked in with me weekly, providing ideas and suggestions, and turning some of my recent work projects into creative and well-crafted posts. She also did a makeover of my profile, updating it and fine tuning to fit my audience. It was a huge weight off my shoulders, and has already resulted in a noticeable increase in engagement on my LinkedIn account and new clients!

Matt Granato

The VO Viral program gave me the ability to take back some of that time all while giving my social media (LinkedIn) a professional touch that was tailored to catch the eye of the people whose attention I needed to grab.

Working with Aya has been such an awesome experience, she has a true talent for messaging, is professional, creative, and has an intuitive understanding of the social media landscape today. After only a short time working together Aya was creating posts using language that not only was effective in clearly and concisely getting the message across, but in a voice similar to my own.

With the VO Viral program Aya and Celia Siegel Management provided a service that demonstrated tangible results through increased impressions, views, and search results with a unique service that provides a rare level of insight and personal attention to your brand.