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VO Viral: Social Media Management Program

This Social Media Management Program is all about gaining momentum & crucial career maintenance.

If you’re too busy in the booth to manage your own social media, we have a solution. Do as the celebrities do and call on the help of our professional social media strategist. With our knowledge of recent trends, we create original content, custom-tailored to your branding. All you have to do is approve—we take care of everything else. 

What We Offer


Basic Social Media Management Plan

  • Initial Social Media Audit/Facelift of each platform to improve your first impression and better engage your audience
  • 2-3 original pieces of content per week to be shared across 4 platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn 
  • TOP FIVE: Your SMS will interact with your top five contacts on the social platforms of your choosing
  • Weekly 30-minute meetings with your content manager to brainstorm posts and identify social media goals 
  • Weekly Progress Report with focused statistics about your account interactions, you can see the growth of your social accounts
  • Knowledge of how to utilize SEO to authentically grow your platform
  • A feature post on The VO Château social media accounts


Premium Social Media Management Plan Additions

  • Ghost Blogging (one blog per month)
  • Tik Tok Content Creation



Why We’re Worth It

Social media is non-negotiable in our day and age. Not only do you need it, but it needs to be a well-curated representation of yourself and an extension of your personal brand. It can be complicated to do on your own, and that’s why we’re here to help. Good social media service will pay for itself when you are bringing in more clients and creating more connections. Reach out to us for an initial meeting and social media questionnaire!

Get In Touch

Reach out to Aya at aya@celiasiegel.com to discuss your social media needs and receive your custom quote!

Keaver Brenai

Celia Siegel Management’s social media department is doing a great job growing social presence, reach, and engagement across all platforms for my voiceover brand. They diligently track and report KPIs, which helps me understand the analytics. This team is motivated, with results-proven ideas, and offers excellent communication. I recommend CSM for any social brand project.

Kristen Simoes

Signing up for Celia Siegel Management’s VO Viral program was such a great decision and a huge time saver for me! Being active and engaged on social media is something I realize is important, but I lack the time, interest, and knowledge to be really effective on my own. Celia’s team is amazing. Aya checked in with me weekly, providing ideas and suggestions, and turning some of my recent work projects into creative and well-crafted posts. She also did a makeover of my profile, updating it and fine tuning to fit my audience. It was a huge weight off my shoulders, and has already resulted in a noticeable increase in engagement on my LinkedIn account and new clients!

Matt Granato

The VO Viral program gave me the ability to take back some of that time all while giving my social media (LinkedIn) a professional touch that was tailored to catch the eye of the people whose attention I needed to grab.

Working with Aya has been such an awesome experience, she has a true talent for messaging, is professional, creative, and has an intuitive understanding of the social media landscape today. After only a short time working together Aya was creating posts using language that not only was effective in clearly and concisely getting the message across, but in a voice similar to my own.

With the VO Viral program Aya and Celia Siegel Management provided a service that demonstrated tangible results through increased impressions, views, and search results with a unique service that provides a rare level of insight and personal attention to your brand.

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