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Successful entrepreneurs know that top achievers have a team to elevate their success, meet yours!

No matter where you are in your voiceover career, my team and I can help you build and market your standout brand, make sound business choices and strategize for success. Before founding & building CSM, I was a top West Coast talent agent (CESD). The fact that I am also a certified business and life coach comes in handy in many ways for my clients’ emotional and financial well-being.

I help talent identify when taking classes and auditioning has become a full-time job instead of the actual paying work, and how they can fix that by turning activity into a powerful career. My multi-leveled expertise and extensive knowledge of the ever-changing voiceover industry helps voice actors across the globe grow their VO business and take their careers to the next level.

Celia Siegel - Manager, Brand Builder, Success Strategist and CVO (Chief Voice Officer)


Talent Manager, Brand Builder, Author, Success Strategist and CVO (Chief Voice Officer)

Celia Siegel, founder of Celia Siegel Management and the VO Château, is widely recognized for her holistic approach to talent management and for her exceptional marketing and branding skills, which attract high-end opportunities for her clients in genres including, but not limited, to promo, political, commercial, video game, animation, international, corporate and more. 


As a brand-builder, certified life and business coach, success strategist, and former talent agent turned manager, Celia has advanced the careers of top VO talent for more than two decades. Celia’s multi-leveled expertise and extensive knowledge of the ever-changing voiceover industry has helped thousands of voice actors successfully brand and grow their VO businesses. She is also the author of the popular branding book, Voiceover Achiever: Brand Your VO Career, Change Your Life. 
marnie lee of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Senior Brand Writer

Marnie is Celia Siegel Management’s senior brand writer and has written hundreds of successful brands while creatively and currently caring for the CSM brand as well – since 2007. She now leads our brand writing team and loves nothing more than collaborating with both clients and team members to create the brand stories that they not only adore but open doors and work for them, 24/7. She has a special way of making our clients feel seen and appreciated while illuminating their most marketable qualities; a combo necessary in branding and crucial to the CSM methodology. When Marnie’s not writing, you’ll find her in the garden, cooking up storms on the stove, or on her living room dance floor shakin’ it with her husband, son, 2 husky dogs and a very forgiving cat. .

Head of Casting and Talent Manager for celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Head of Casting and Talent Manager

Aya Grace Maruyama is a top talent manager at Celia Siegel Management, nurturing voiceover careers in commercial, political, promo, video game, animation, corporate and more. 

As a world traveler and first-generation Japanese American, she has a savviness for servicing the voiceover industry nationally and around the globe.

With degrees from the University of Georgia in Public Relations and Music Business, Aya is no stranger to the world of entertainment and talent management. She has worked under big names like CAA (Creative Artists Agency) in Nashville, and the former Head of Global Music of Coca-Cola, as well as local performance venues and artist management companies in Atlanta. These experiences enabled her to transition seamlessly into the world of VO in 2020, where she has been utilizing her hustle, business brain, and people skills to champion the needs of the talent and the buyers alike!

 Jess L'Hommedieu - All-Star Assistant

Jess L'Hommedieu

Associate Talent Manager & Executive Assistant

Jess L’Hommedieu wants to make your dreams come true, one audition at a time! Growing up with a passion for acting, photography, and music, Jess has a real love for the creative process and brings her brightest self to the CSM team. Her prior time spent acting on stage and screen, directing short films, and writing for an online music magazine has led her to much experience with working alongside talent. Spending her time in college honing in on her expertise in the world of media, she graduated with a major in Entertainment and Media Studies and earned Certificates in Music Business and New Media at UGA. She enjoys diving more into the VO world as she grows within her role as Associate Talent Manager.
 Maddie Fiorante - Branding Badass of celia siegel management and the vo chateau

Jill Nuelle

Associate Brand Writer & Talent Manager

Jill Nuelle loves all things entertainment, and finds joy in creativity. Her prior experience working in production allowed her a peek into the VO world on the buyer side — and she now brings that unique perspective to the CSM team. Jill graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Digital Media and Public Relations, where she honed her skills in both media production and copywriting.

She loves to travel, and spent a wonderful semester in Greece, where she deepened her passion for video and audio editing while documenting her adventures. She further explored those interests through personal projects like an entertainment news podcast and a University radio show. Jill is your go to girl for social media strategy, branding ideas and PR expertise. She can’t wait to work with you!

amber kinney of celia siegel management and the vo chateau

Heidi Raschke


A passionate believer in the power of storytelling to change lives, connect communities and spark action, Heidi Raschke grew up hearing incredible tales told by an ever-changing cast of characters from around the world — characters with names like Mad Dog Vachon, The Crusher, Larry the Ax, and Andre the Giant. This was one of the true delights of being the child of professional wrestler Baron Von Raschke. She relished in the laughs, inspiration and appreciation that came from connecting to others in this way — and she realized early on that everyone had a fascinating story if you bothered to find out. She decided to become a writer. She studied journalism at the University of Minnesota, and became an editor, working at a variety of publications for more than 20 years. During this time, she led many teams of storytellers to innovate, reach new audiences and attract new revenue using both traditional and digital media. She launched magazines, websites, e-newsletters and Twitter feeds. She edited award-winning blogs and stories. She even wrote a viral essay about her prom experience called “Prom Gone Wrong.” After editing.

 Maddie Fiorante - Branding Badass of celia siegel management and the vo chateau

LaDania Dean

Social Media Superstar 

LaDania Dean works as a sports videographer and content creator for the UGA Football team. Her creative domain is filled with love for sports, entertainment, music, people, social media, and helping clients live their brand and shine online. 

LaDania is our resident expert on all things socials: the latest trends, best practices, and keys to success across channels. Her background in advertising, marketing, digital technologies and multimedia production make her an asset to the CSM experience and team.

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