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Find Your Brand Spark: Creating Your Brand Platform and Brand Story

celia siegel. find your brand spark workshop.

You are one workshop away from gaining the necessary knowledge to help you create an authentic & gutsy brand that gets you the success you want and the life you dream of.

Voiceover branding pioneer and author, Celia Siegel, has designed the Voiceover Achiever 1-Day Branding Workshop to teach you all you need to know about branding 101, brand attraction, the importance of what you rant about most and more!

Celia walks you through the steps you need to follow to strategically use your personal truth to craft a captivating brand.


It’s time to successfully brand your voiceover career and change your life.

Join us:

Saturday, June 6th from 10am-1pm
Investment: $249 Save 20%! Now $199



Breakthrough With An Unstoppable Brand.

You’ve got talent and you are training, marketing and auditioning. It feels like you’re doing all the right things but still not booking enough, and you’re not sure why. You feel frustrated because you are not maximizing your potential (or your revenue!).

Sound familiar? Then listen up! Here’s the good news!! Celia knows what it takes to build a brand that will raise you up and over the barriers you face getting seen & heard in the voiceover world.

Celia is a voiceover industry insider renowned for championing and growing voiceover talent careers. She is the mastermind behind scores of successful brands. Now she wants to share her branding wisdom with you.

You too can master the Celia Siegel approach. Twenty years of branding experience and expertise is packed into Celia’s popular book, Voiceover Achiever, and now her new online masterclass. This means you can now follow her tried & true roadmap to generate your unstoppable brand story and produce a brand strategy that will catapult your career.

Get Real. Be Heard. Stay Booked.

Celia Siegel has designed this 1-Day Intensive Workshop so you can learn what it takes to begin creating a truth-driven brand that works around the clock to ensure you are seen, heard and rock-star-level busy. This is what we call brand magic! Commit to learning from a branding visionary and gain branding knowledge that enables you to stand out in the voiceover market and grow your business.

Know Who You Are & Show Who You Are To Get The Life You Want.

(These folks did!)

In This 1-Day Workshop, We’ll Go Over:

Part 1: What Is A Brand & Why Do You Need One?

Part 2: Listening To Demos + Adjectives

Part 3: What Brands Are You Attracted To?

Part 4: Check Your Rant

Part 5: Chop, Chop Lollipop. You’re On Your Way!

Reviews of the Find Your Brand Spark Workshop

Voiceover Achiever is a great book that has helped me so much with branding almost instantly. It reminds me of how much I was able to learn from a textbook in college, and sometimes be fortunate enough to take a course where the professor wrote the textbook. There is something magical and incomparable about this experience. Brandology is that type of course.
Jeremy Rosenfeld

The best part of launching my new brand is the consistent response of ‘I love it!’ that I’ve received from agents, potential clients and others in the industry. It fits me like a glove!
Lynn Norris

After my brand launched, the number one thing that surprised me was how much my confidence rose. I felt like I had a whole package that I could proudly present to anyone without hesitation. And it worked. People have told me how impressed they are, how memorable my brand is and that it really matches my personality — especially my business cards.
Rebecca Davis

The most noticeable change since launching my brand is that both my confidence and my traffic to all profiles and websites have increased. People’s reaction to my business card alone is instant! They recognize that the interaction they have with me is authentic and the brand that is on the card keeps that intrigue piqued. I LOVE my brand!!! It makes me swoon.
Traci Wilde

I suppose the most surprising change I’ve seen since taking on my brand and owning it, is that it’s changed not only how I market, but to whom. I’m much more focused now. I know who I am, how I’m represented in the marketplace with my brand and now marketing is easier and less stressful because all I have to remember is to be true to myself and my brand.
Dustin Ebaugh

Having a brand that captured my work and my personality gave me confidence that I could be as professional as I wanted to be. My website and tagline get me noticed and producers and talent agents comment on it. A lot of people have a good voice and demos and a website. Having this brand gives me an edge in a very competitive field.
Amanda Utter

Since I built my brand and launched my new site, clients will often say, ‘We really like the approach you did on such and such spot.’ Hallelujah! Not only did they visit my site, but they actually left the homepage, played some demos and watched the videos (site stats don’t lie)! My site is now a virtual storefront that feels authentically me, and I’m incredibly proud of it.
Andie Duncan

What a brilliant workshop! So many insanely great insights to digest. Within hours of wrapping up, I’d re-thought my entire website presence, made changes to my site, and had begun putting together a proper business plan. So much more to do and thanks to Celia and Amber, that dim light in the distance is now shining clear and bright. Thank you!!
Glenn Howard

Celia’s workshop was amazing! In three hours she imparted an incredible amount of wisdom and insight on branding, from her 30 years of experience. She shares, challenges, and gets you to think beyond your narrow focus of self, to the big question of ‘what makes you AUTHENTICALLY YOU! She helps us frame our uniquely brand-able self! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to ‘wow’ the VO world with an unmistakable, unforgettable brand! Thanks Celia!
Trisha Barry

I have delved into Celia’s VoiceOverAchiever book and her workshops and have poured over the exercises finding clarity in who I am and how I can serve the world by being super clear about what I offer …as a person and as a professional. Celia asks questions that helped me uncover how I want to present myself to the world most authentically, without hiding behind what I think other people want me to be. Celia’s branding work informs everything else you do for your business and somehow, seeps into your personal life, helping you walk confidently in who you are. If you want to be clear about who you are, so you can be clear about it to your potential clients, Celia’s branding work is a path to success.
Natasha Marchewka

Your workshop was among the highlights of my weekend. The accolades laid down by your contemporaries fall woefully short in capturing that special light you bring. Your insights make us all true believers. Besides giving you my commitment to become a better practitioner of my own message, I also look to a future where I have opportunity to work with you again.
Michael Goodell

When Celia says that she has a superpower, Brand Vision, she is not kidding. Before my meeting with Celia, I was absolutely terrified of branding myself. It went against everything my earlier experience in theater had taught me. I went into my one on one Brand Audit a jumbled mess of ideas, with no real cohesion or salient points. I left my meeting with a brand that reflects who I am, as a person and as a voice artist. But more than that, my brand is concise, salient, and I absolutely love it! Celia was able to look at my jumbled mess and see to the heart of it. In one hour, she cleared out my brand clutter and showed me the way to the brand that was inside me all along. I absolutely cannot recommend her Brand Audit enough! And I am incredibly grateful that she is willing to share her superpower with us mere mortals.
Michael Goodell

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