What should I think when I hear your name? Think fast—it’s important!

Today, as a voice over actor, you need to be specialized. Today, you need to say what you do. Because if you don’t tell the world what to think about you—they’ll make it up.
When that happens, you have surrendered the advantage of driving your own career. Why would anyone do that?
Fear not! I won’t let you fall into the shuffle. By building a Bossy Brand, with a business plan, sales and entrepreneurship—people will know what to think when they hear your name.
So, I challenge you to position yourself as, “I do me really well—and there is no other me out there!

The secret is: authenticity is a lot more fun to listen to.

The people who hire you know that. Once you know your authentic brand (which is easy because it’s already in you!), the other half is marketing it really well. It’s not just about being crazy talented—it’s about making sure everyone knows about you.
When you build an authentic, Bossy Brand, it makes everything else easier—from top to bottom.
• the look of your site
• the fonts you use for marketing materials
• the words you chose to describe yourself
• the jobs you audition for
• the events you attend
• like, everything!
Your brand drives everything about your business. And it will enable clients to immediately get you. So they will immediately know what to think!
Know what? They are aspiring to the SAME THING.
To be understood, heard, and to clearly communicate as a brand. When they see that you obviously GET IT, that inspires trust. Being well branded is the way to convert a great audition into a booking.
Now … what was that I should think when I hear your name? Please let me know in the comments!
And, if you want to start developing and then delivering your true blue, Bossy Brand to all those potential buyers – let’s talk. My bossy branding & marketing team and I would love to help.
Later Bosses,