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Find Confidence Here

I spend my days on the phone with voice actors like you. Time and again, do you know what wins jobs? CONFIDENCE. Yes, in a competition between 2 super talented actors—the one with the most confidence wins.  Some people have talent by the bucket-loads, but without confidence—they don’t soar.  Equally as important as honing your […]

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Is Your Brand as Brave as You Are?

I love back-to-school time. Stocking up on supplies and getting back into the swing of regular routines after the indulgences of summer feels to me like a fresh start — an opportunity to be brave and try something new. Of course, as an actor you do brave things all the time. The choice to become […]

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The Catch-22’s of Voiceover

You may have realized that at every turn in your voiceover career, there’s a catch-22. You need a great demo to get a great agent—but you need to be making money to pay for the great demo. You need agents to get jobs, but you need jobs to get agents. You need a brand that […]

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