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The voiceover industry is nothing if not creative and trendy. Because of this, brands are constantly changing and evolving to match newer, fresher aesthetics. For many reasons, it can be difficult to know if your VO brand is still serving you. (more…)

Hey Voiceover Achievers! With the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having in Minneapolis, I’ve been gardening. I just planted the cutest little setup of lettuce, cukes, and basil for massive amounts of pesto, and squash for my zucchini fritters.  (more…)

Anne Cloud. Sweet Gypsy Voiceover. Taking your story where you want it to go.

Article by Anna Gilstrap

Ever fantasized about living on the open road? Quitting your day job, selling your house, living in a van, and shaping your life into a never-ending road trip? It’s an idea that crosses the minds of many, but rarely comes to fruition.  (more…)