As we stand at the brink of a new year, the time is ripe for reflection, renewal, and the opportunity to revitalize your voiceover brand. In an era dominated by digital first-impressions, your personal brand isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must have. Having a brand that works for you is a total VO powerplay. So, chop chop, lollipop! It’s time to amplify your brand identity and take control for a prosperous 2024.

When thinking about building your brand, there are some important questions to consider: 


 1.  What will make your brand represent YOU? 

In a world of countless voices, how do you stand out? Your brand personality, much like your voice, should resonate authentically with you. Identify those quirks, nuances, and qualities that make your voiceover style distinctive. Remember, in this industry, standing out is not just encouraged; it’s a necessity.


2. How do you create a brand that gets your audience’s attention? 

If your brand could belong to anyone, it’s not going to connect with your ideal clients or inspire your audience. Doing the legwork to develop a brand that can only be yours helps attract the people who are looking for your sound and vibe. Building meaningful connections in a niche market creates loyalty. Engaging with your audience is the heartbeat of your brand.

In the over-saturated landscape of social media the key to success is fearlessness. If your brand is a true reflection of you, your presence online should be too. Your audience craves authenticity and vulnerability. In 2024, trying to be cool is out and showcasing your genuine self is more interesting, every time!  


3. What business goals will your brand help you meet? 

Here at CSM, we’re all about Living Your Brand. Once you do the work of really knowing your brand identity, business planning becomes easy. Your business plan is a proclamation of what you intend to get done this year. The act of simply writing these goals down and creating a daily action plan to move closer to your objectives will set you above the competition, hands down.


As always, team CSM is here If you need an extra push in implementing a sound business strategy and unearthing a strong, unforgettable brand that transforms your career and your life. Check out some of our recent brand launches below, and get in touch with us today to start your branding journey. 


  1. True to Your Word VO. Expressly Midwesty. Rugged Sincerity. The dad who does it all, Mike Doran has the experience and heart to exceed your voiceover expectations.
  2. Lisa Koch VO – Voiceover Refined. Articulate compassion. Timeless composure. Over 30 years of experience as an audiologist gives Lisa a unique edge when it comes to her voiceover projects.
  3. Enliven VO.  Shelley Baldiga is clean, bright, and playfully on point.
  4. Voice Over Drive. Ready, willing, and entirely thrilling. Brace yourself. Buckle up for an unforgettable journey as Daniel Caouette shifts your story into the next gear.
  5. Eva-Marie B. Universal Connection. Feels Like Hope. Fresh, reassuring, charming, Eva-Marie B. goes above simply performing, into a realm of true connection.