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Don’t yell at the rain. Do something.

Finally ready to step up and land in the position you deserve to be in? I’ve spent 30 years figuring out what makes VO careers tick, and helping passionate people get where they want to go. It’s not magic. It takes hard work. But it works. Here’s a real-life example of how: An amazing business […]

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Think of your brand like an ice cream sundae

Why you should think of your brand like an ice cream sundae

My daughter works at Yogurt Lab. You pick your flavor(s), then choose from a million different toppings. My favorite is coconut ice cream with coconut flakes on top. Refined and a little bit nutty—like me! When we embrace our tastes and preferences, and build something according to them, no two ice cream sundaes will be […]

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The Catch-22’s of Voiceover

You may have realized that at every turn in your voiceover career, there’s a catch-22. You need a great demo to get a great agent—but you need to be making money to pay for the great demo. You need agents to get jobs, but you need jobs to get agents. You need a brand that […]

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