Why do some companies rebrand, and can it work for you? What are the advantages and the challenges when undergoing a complete brand refresh? Brands reinvent themselves all the time, and VO can too. It’s necessary to adapt, to keep up with modern culture, to change for the better — whether you’re a person or a company. Just because you’ve always been one way, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way.

This month at CSM, we’re looking at our top three favorite rebrands of the year, and how each of them were able to execute a flawless transition.


  1. Paris Hilton

She’s just like you. Once a 2000’s party girl icon playing the dumb blonde role, the socialite-heiress had a major girl boss year. A girl who made the cultural phenomenon Kim Kardashian who she is today, Paris was once only known for being a rich reality tv show star. She was berated in the media, called names on talk shows, all while suffering from extreme trauma. This year she released her documentary, This is Paris, where she not only opened up about past abuse and her journey to seek help, but she also supported others in her position. Paris, known as the “original influencer,” has become a business mogul, launching several projects while being an advocate for women. She also found love, and her wedding was the event of the year, surrounded by loved ones and Hollywood royalty.

In her rebrand, she explains how most of her life was a character, and she took this chance to show people her true self. Proving the power of vulnerability, Paris shows us how authenticity and being your raw and real self is the best brand you can be. In voiceover work, being your most authentic self will help build your brand and sell your best assets. They say write what you know, here at CSM, we say what we feel.

See Paris Hilton’s Variety interview here.


  1. Peloton

The bike that seems to always have a moment in pop culture revitalized their brand earlier this year. The fitness brand’s campaign ‘Motivation That Moves You’ exemplified a brand refresh by positioning its popular instructors as stand-out stars. By leaning into the cultural insights, they transcended the brand by creating stardom for their most popular instructors. Instructors were always a core part of Peloton’s appeal, but they became a wider success as influencers and spokespeople. Users could ride along with favorites Rad Lopez, Jess Sims, Adrian Williams and Cody Rigsby, who gave pump-up speeches to a variety of audiences, from an ’80s boardroom to a medieval village. After the pandemic spotlighted Peloton and at-home fitness, the brand fell into desperate need for relevance. Peloton had already seen a multitude of marketing troubles, including Mr.Big’s death in the Sex and the City revival leading to a catastrophic campaign with Christ Noth. Insert instructors here: the faces needed for the brand’s refresh.

Your VO can be that much needed refresh. The ‘Motivation That Moves You’ campaign featured something for everyone, shifting messaging gears to center on a simple concept that is familiar yet difficult to maintain for those pursuing an active lifestyle: motivation. This campaign proved simplicity, familiarity, and how one voice can alter a brand journey.

Check out the ad here.


  1. Linktree

The pioneer tech company for link-in-bio spaces rebranded this year with a whole suite of new tools. Features include innovative ways to share content for creators monetizing their passions, as well as perks for audiences who can’t get enough. The fresh facelift for the brand featured a new visual look and feel, tone of voice, and identity which put creators at the forefront. The rebrand was Linktree’s transition from being seen as just a ‘link in bio’ tool to being a brand that encourages self-expression, discovery, connection, and community, as the business continues to reimagine the category starting with an entirely new brand identity. The visual components are driven by accessibility. The inspiration for this rebrand came from a custom typeface – Link Sans, a global-first typeface, which was designed to be global and allow for optimal accessibility across languages, existing alongside other scripts with minimal interference – prioritizing connectivity. Linktree’s subtle yet powerful changes showcase it as a truly global brand.

While looks aren’t everything, Linktree proves the power of aesthetics. This is your sign to spend some time reflecting on your aesthetic. Will you lean into self-expression, or a more refined tone? What will be your inspiration that allows you to be a more accessible narrator, or character? Luckily, CSM is here for your makeover needs.

Read their makeover blog here.


If you’re thinking of reinventing yourself, CSM can help make the transition as seamless as possible. That’s hot.