It’s okay to have THOSE moments.
The ones where you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or like pulling your gorgeous hair out (don’t do it!). Greatness comes from what we do in those moments.
Remember a time when everything was going right. When the world was your oyster. It probably wasn’t that long ago—yesterday, last week, last year. I bet things were on track because you were being awesome—proactive, positive, actionable, and grounded.

13 Money-making activities:

1. Get auditions in the can (as many as you can).
2. Pick up the phone: Call clients you haven’t talked to in a while.
3. Create (and send!) a newsletter showcasing your work.
4. Research and find top e-learning companies—send an email with your demo and follow-up with a phone call.
5. Check in with your agent or seek one.
6. Work on your business plan.
7. Do something nice for your agent. Thank them and stay top-of-mind.
8. Tweak your demos—make them better!
9. Hire a coach and hone your skills.
10. Network—go to an industry event or a local one where you market is.
11. Get a testimonial from a client.
12. Write a blog post a share it on social media.
13. Be a connector—introduce people to each other.
I believe, with all my VO talent & biz lovin’ heart, that you have to be grounded to sound grounded – and from there, amazing things will happen. If you take a crummy moment and turn it into an actionable moment, it will add up in money & confidence while making you feel more grounded and, therefore, sounding (and booking) like the star you are.
If you need help getting grounded and making the actionable moments happen – cleverly & consistently – let’s talk about how we can gain all that amazing ground together.
Until next time go-getters,