You know those people—the ones who are just magnetic.

Well, they weren’t necessarily born that way.
Magnetism is usually the result of practice and knowing a few tricks. VO-preneurs…the sparkling fact is, when you are magnetic, your voice is magnetic.
Here are a few tips on how to garner attention, get noticed, and turn on your delicious magnetism:

Excavate the clues to you.

Like I always say, the lucky news is your brand is already within you! You job is just excavating the clues (and then putting your uniqueness out into the world). When you do that authentically, it’s hella interesting, and you become hella magnetic.

Don’t try to be everything to everybody.

You can’t. It’s impossible. We all know this business is saturated with amazing talent. How do you become one-of-a-kind instead of one-of-a-type?
You could be cool mid-30s mom and there are 10k others who fit into that same category…but if you cultivate your authentic brand, you are now a category-of-one instead of one-of-a-category. The idea isn’t to be able to land any role. It’s to be the clear choice for certain ones. Don’t be afraid to be specific.

Accept imperfection.

Perfection stifles you. Be fearless in being your (imperfect!) self. News flash: Nobody is perfect. It’s tedious and useless trying to be.

Get your VO party started.

The most successful voice artists don’t do it alone. They have a network of help. Gather the people you need to help you do your best work and show it off. For help pinpointing and showing off your gorgeous, authentic self, we will be your brand ambassadors. Check out how we can work together.

Make one extra connection.

Being magnetic is all about relationships. (If you’re magnetic in a room alone—nobody will know!) The most amazing breakthroughs are usually in that one extra note, email, outreach effort or stellar audition that got into their inbox first. Breaking through the noise with an authentic connection is a winning formula.
There is nothing more appealing than somebody whose presence commands the room. You have the ability to command the room in your voiceover world. It’s just that simple.
Ready to make heads turn? Ready to charm the room? I can help.
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