Have you ever heard someone’s voice and felt an instant connection? Like love at first listen? Like they were speaking right to you?
What I’m describing is a voice crush.
And it’s exactly what you want buyers and agents to feel when they hear your voice.

If you are rocking your talent, you are bound to pique the interest of some admirers along the way…but it’s YOUR job to cultivate these voice crushes and turn them into full-on, major love affairs.
When a buyer or agent hears you for the first time, and gets those butterflies in the pit of their stomach, they will instantly want to know more about you. You can leave them high and dry, or you can cultivate your crushability by allowing them everything they need to develop a major, ongoing crush:

Here’s how to cultivate your crushability:

  1. Have a website that reflects upon exactly what the crusher heard (the real you!) When your sound, your brand and your look align, it makes for cosmic crushability. I see who’s working … it’s not the perfect people … it’s the humans. The hard-working humans. The path to better is the path to being you!
  2. Do the stuff you love, be who are you, and share it (on your website, on social media, in-person). If you write a cool blog, do Shakespeare in the park, run a great podcast or paint colorful abstracts, let people into your world by showing them.
  3. Don’t ever try to be, or sound like, someone you’re not! I see people who are mimicking their idea of what a voiceover actor sounds like. There’s no such thing. Today, it’s all about being believable. Being a storyteller. And the only way to be a believable storyteller is to be you!
  4. Say everything with heart and authenticity.
  5. Make the time to put on your best boots – you’ll be consistently swaggalicious.

If you cultivate these voice crushes, you will have buyers and agents who will go the extra mile for you, hire you and champion you. The thing is-not everyone needs to have a voice crush on you. Your voice will naturally appeal to some buyers and agents more than others. But it just takes a few!
Here are some voice actors who are cultivating their crushability because they are putting their authentic selves out there:
Steve Lawson: http://www.mankindvo.com/
Lyssa Graham: http://lyssagraham.com/
Traci Wilde: http://www.traciwilde.com/
Embracing your authenticity + sharing it = being crushworthy. Got it?
– Celia
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