I bet you already know that your brand needs to wow-the-heck out of your clients…
But have you lost sight of something that’s just as important…?
Your brand needs to inspire you!
Loving and OWNING your own brand is nearly as important as being awesome at your
(Personally, it took me too long to revamp my brand, but now I’m so inspired by it. My brand
is totally me, brandicorns and all, and I OWN IT. If, on the other hand, I had some dated website and a crappy looking card, I would feel uninspired going to work instead of like a powerhouse.)
If your brand really inspires you:

  • You’ll believe in yourself
  • You’ll believe you can win that job
  • You will cultivate confidence and swagger that’s based in reality

When your outward brand mirrors your inward authenticity, everything you do becomes more powerful. Your conversations and marketing efforts create a vibration. And you start to create brand nirvana.
When you’ve achieved brand nirvana:

  • You feel it in your gut and your heart (it feels like bliss and french fries that are healthier than kale!)
  • You have a sense of alignment between who you are and what your brand says about

Want to achieve this swoony, inspiring brand-love nirvana?
It’s available through some detective work … because your inspiring brand is within you. An amazing brand is not about making something up that you think somebody else will want—it’s about showcasing your soul! Yup. Your soul. And there’s nothing I love more than digging in, finding your soul, and shaping it into an unstoppable brand you adore.
I love making clients feel this happy about their brands…

Get the ‘MAGIC PACKAGE!’ Trust me…Celia and her team made this process entirely about me, my passions, and my specific talents. I now have a brand that looks like, feels like and speaks to, me and my clientele! I love it so much, that I want to roll around and play in it. I wish I could wear my brand, it feels like a second skin to me (and… I think it’s gorgeous). I now always look for reasons to give out my business cards. My brand even inspired me to continue to find new ways to deepen my branding with my clients! In the arsenal of tools you need as VO artist to brand yourself, Celia is the hammer you are looking for to help you nail marketing YOU and YOUR BRAND.” – Traci Wilde
“Celia Siegel is smashingly creative, fun, innovative and bold! She pushed me right out of my comfort zone and into a brand identity I didn’t even realize I embodied. Once my mind sat with the idea a few days… I saw the truth of it and the genius! Now I LOVE it and am rocking the endless promo opportunities, business cards and my brand spanking new website! Additionally, her career coaching doubled my bottom line with an industry mind shift. I highly recommend Celia and her amazing team at CSM – they are well worth the investment, hands down!” – Christian Taylor

For Traci and Christian, their brands are like versions of themselves. This alignment allows them to rule their personal VO worlds.
You can—and should—feel like Traci and Christian. We can help.
 – Celia
Your brand is within you. We’ll bring it out! Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session. Want a brand-igniting kick in the booty? Slots are available next week. I will listen to your demos, tell you if you’re competitive, analyze your brand and give you feedback. Heck yes.