Hey there,
When is good enough—good enough?!
When it comes to recording your auditions—how do you know when to stop?
Well, sweet stuff, your auditions are sort of like pie crust. When you overwork a pie crust, you hit a point of no return and it’s ruined.
Want energetic, fresh, authentic auditions—not lifeless, overworked, robotic ones? There is a sweet spot. And if you want to be a VO superstar, you must know that sweet spot like the back of your hand.

Here’s how to find your sweet spot:

  1. Have a system. Pre-audition, go through the same routine every time. Whatever it takes to get into your zone. Drink your glass of water, do your superhero stance, sing to Beyonce, dance around your studio, then pull the trigger. Not sure where you’re zone is? I can help you figure it out.
  2. Stop ignoring your intuition. Does a little voice inside your head whisper “STOP”? And you choose not to pay attention? I believe we all intuitively know when it’s good enough. That’s the moment that self-doubt can creep in and cause us to keep forging towards (impossible) perfection.
  3. Pay attention to the pie. The results are in the pie! Which jobs are you landing? The ones where you’ve read the audition 30 times, or the ones where spontaneity glittered in your voice.

These rules aren’t set in stone. VO is art, and no one recipe is right for everyone.

VO veterans will be able to get to the sweet spot quicker than VO newbies. But if you do listen to these tips, you’ll be able to send off more vibrant auditions each day, instead of fewer fake ones. And that’s lip-smackingly delish.
– Celia
Are you beating your auditions into the ground? I’ll listen and tell you. Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session. I will listen to your demos, tell you if you’re competitive, analyze your brand and give you feedback. Heck yes.