Want a surefire way to land the jobs you need? Read on, VO butt-kicker…
The other day, a new client told me that “sometimes things just feel so up in air.” Well, I told her something important and I’m going to tell you: You have (so much) more control than you think! Why?
It’s not about logging the results, it’s all about designing your future.
How do you do this?
Take a look back… What have you done in the past that generated success? And, how can you systematize these actions to generate ongoing success in your business?

Every action you take to grow your business has an outcome. Everyone’s numbers are different, but statistically speaking, you can figure out stuff like this:

  1. For every 50 phone calls you make, you get one new client.
  2. For every 30 auditions, you land one job.
  3. For every piece of swag you send…
  4. For every in-person networking event…

You get the idea. You might not necessarily know these numbers, but it’s time to start tracking.

When do you notice an uptick in business?

Need inspiration?
I love Marie Forleo’s recent interview with Bryce Dallas Howard because of Bryce’s numerical approach to auditioning. (Yup, she used the technique I’m talking about…and of course, it worked!)
Don’t have time to make phone calls yourself? At CSM, we’ve got a big ‘ol list of buyers and we can do it for you. Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session and we’ll talk about the possibilities.
– Celia