Happy December, figgy puddings! Before you unwrap your holiday gifts, start the festive season by unwrapping your best asset as a voiceover artist—your brand! Ask yourself these questions to see if your brand is as fantastic as you are:

  1. Does it make you feel at home? Like you could snuggle up on the couch inside your brand and stay for weeks…
  2. Is it on-trend or trend-setting? You’re talking to ad buyers and writers—the trendiest people on earth. Your brand has to look and feel fresh, smart and streamlined.
  3. Does it scream you? Talk like you talk, walk like you walk…If you were in a lineup with 10 other voice actors, could we match your brand to you?
  4. Does it open doors? You’ll know because your tribe will be attracted and you’ll land work.
  5. Is it better than your competitors? Let’s face it. We all want to be top dog—and here’s a tangible way to do it.
  6. Does it tell your story? Your brand should tell your personal story—so people can know you as a human. Yup, be real!
  7. Is it a preview of working together? Your brand should set up what’s awesome about working with you. After all, you are your product.
  8. Does it make you feel excited? Pay attention to what’s happening in your gut. When you complete your authentic brand, you know it’s right. Some people even jump up and down.
  9. Does it encourage you to spread the word? You can’t just be talented; 50% of your job is educating the world about your voice.
  10. Does it have legs? Your brand should be so good that it gets shared in meetings and goes places for you.
  11. Does it make you look at least AS successful as you are? Your brand’s gotta lift you up, not hold you down!
  12. Does it up your confidence? Every single VO artist needs swagger, bravado and belonging. Your brand is ultimate confidence-booster.
  13. Is it fast? At even a quick glance, your brand should speak a thousand words.
  14. Does it give you control? A good brand helps you manage the story that is out there about you. It helps you reinforce and share the right message.
  15. Does it reflect the brands you’re attracted to? One cool way to hone in on your brand is to pay attention to the brands you’re attracted to. They are clues to your aspirational self!
  16. Does it match your demos? Nothing is more jarring than a demo that’s at-odds with a brand.
  17. Does it include your shadow side? Don’t try to be too perfect. Sometimes it’s the stuff we don’t love about ourselves that creates the intrigue it takes to land the job. Don’t brush your real self under the rug.
    When you get your brand right, you’ll feel like you’re unwrapping the best gift ever—every day!

If your brand doesn’t unleash festiveness and excitement, I can help. Ready to make 2017 the best year yet? Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session and we’ll talk about the possibilities.