Goal setting is sort of my jam. So, I spent the whole month of December nose-deep in goal-setting tools and planners. Yes, I went a bit nuts. Because I love goal setting! Then, after the fun, I honed down the goal frenzy into the big, gorgeous goals I plan to accomplish in 2017.
My main goal for 2017 is organization. I want to know where everything is-at all times-and have systems in place so I’m never reinventing the wheel. I’m excited just telling you about it!
Now maybe you aren’t as wild about goal setting as I am. That’s okay. You can just skip the frenzy part and get right to the end result … a few big things you plan to accomplish. Whether you do this every year, every month or every week, picking just a few things to accomplish is smart and doable. Then comes the actual accomplishing part. This is where we can sometimes get stuck.
But as a lifelong goal-accomplisher, I’m here to help!
Here are my favorite tips for checking those big goals off the list:
1. No goal is outrageous when it’s broken down. Make a million dollars. This might seem outrageous. But when you break it down into small, specific steps (like how many bookings you’ll need) it becomes doable. Rome wasn’t built in a day … but stone by stone, it did get built. Have a clear, specific goal, no matter how big or small, break it down into tiny action steps and make sure you’re moving forward every day. Don’t discount the small steps!
2. Choosing yourself is always the first step. Before you can accomplish any of these goals, you’ve got to decide to make yourself, the goal-achiever, a priority. In a world where you’re living alone in your booth, checking your emails and hustling for that next job, it’s easy to lose sight of your intended end game. To achieve, you need to feel good from the inside out. Keep to the steps, plan your work and work your plan. Then and only then can you truly service the heck out of your clients!
3. Systems are time-savers and everyone should have them. How often are you checking emails? How are you getting back to people? Could this process be easier with templates for the information you send again and again? I bet it could. Look at your CRM, your filing system, your invoicing system. If you can be more disciplined and consistent with your systems, chunks of time will open in your day. Treat yourself like the big business that you are and focus on systems that can make you more efficient!
4. Do what you’re great at. Get help with everything else. Don’t love it? Aren’t awesome at it? Get help. The awesome thing about being part of this crazy, cool VO community is the sheer amount of talented people who can help us. I’m a firm believer that to be efficient and accomplish goals, we have to focus on our strengths and get help with everything else. When it comes to my goal of organization, I hired a coach!
If you need help reaching goals like creating an amazing brand or stepping-up your marketing I can help. Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session and we’ll talk about the possibilities.
To your success,