Hi there,
The awesome Marie Kondo (queen of decluttering) says you should pick up an object and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t spark joy, you should get rid of it. It’s such a simple, almost laughable idea, but it’s brilliant. I’ve really incorporated it into my life and business.
And I think this concept is relevant for our social media efforts, too. Hear me out.
Are you doing social media because you should? That’s nonsense. You’re not sharing anything cool, authentic, or follow-worthy if you’re feeling forced into it. Life is short. Have fun. Your social media presence should spark joy!

Look at this list. Do any of these platforms make you happy?


Marie Kondo says you have to hold something in your hand because you actually have to experience it. Same goes for social media. You have to experience each platform and its capabilities. Confusion and frustration don’t spark joy, so sometimes, this means learning how to use these platforms. (The more you educate yourself, the more fun it gets!)
Give them a chance. Learn how to use each one. Ask yourself: Was it fun? Did it allow me to express myself and be authentic? Did it fit with my personality? Did I kick up my heels and get a bunch of retweets, or did it distract me?
Find one you really love, and rock it. Live in it. Give it your heart. As long as you’re doing one really well (with joy and authenticity), you can make things happen for your business and your brand.
Listen supernovas… Twitter at first did not spark joy for me. I was afraid I’d say the wrong thing. Once I realized that Twitter is just like being at a cocktail party-where you don’t need to calculate every word that comes out of your mouth-it became a lot more fun.
Ready to banish everything that doesn’t spark joy immediately? Not so fast. Meeting with my accountant doesn’t exactly spark joy right away … but the finished report of my yearly finances … that certainly does. Sometimes in life and business, the joy comes at the end. But if something doesn’t spark any joy (beginning or end)-don’t do it!
Like the rest of your VO marketing efforts, you need to lead with your brand when it comes to social media. The cool thing is … your brand is within you! If you need help pinpointing your brand (and sharing it authentically), schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.
To your success,