Feel like you’re always a VO bridesmaid—never a bride? Do you almost get the job, but not quite?

First of all, there’s merit in being a bridesmaid. It means somebody loves you! If you almost got the job, it shows your standing. It’s gas in your engine. Fuel in your tank. Feel the love, baby, because you’re in the game. You’re a contender—and don’t forget that!

But, alas, being a contender doesn’t pay the bills.

Maybe you’ve been a VO bridesmaid a few too many times. Maybe you don’t look good in peach and you’re tired of crinoline. When you’re sick of being a VO bridesmaid, how do you overcome all the obstacles and become the top dog?

Well, pretty much, the answer is this…

You can either show up in the bridesmaid dress, or the wedding dress. It’s your choice.

Recently I was in a really awesome webinar, and during the Q&A, everyone asked pretty much the same questions. Is it okay if my studio isn’t up to par? Is the sound quality of my demo good enough? How current should my website be? Etc. Etc.

People were asking permission to half-ass it!

If you want to be the bride, show up like a shining star supernova. Take control of your awesomeness. Kick down the door. Get in front of eyeballs and eardrums. Wear the white dress.

Seriously, don’t make me brand you as “Always the bridesmaid VO.” You’re better than that.

I hear wedding bells,

P.S. If you need help shredding your bridesmaid dresses and showing up in white, schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session.