If your brand were a car, what car would it be?

Mine would be an acid green Jeep Wrangler Sahara with big-a$$ tires. Or maybe if the used-car-Gods were on my side, a refurbished El Camino—pimped out with four-wheel drive for Minnesota winters (also acid green, of course).
Like a real car, your brand is a vehicle to help you express yourself in your VO career.
After all these years, I realized something really exciting:
When you nail your authentic brand (which is based on the authentic you), everything gets better—from your relationships to your self-expression to your mood. Everything falls into alignment and works together. You enter a clearer mental space which provides a turbo boost when you’re picking auditions, getting behind the mic—and everything else.
When you cultivate your brand:

Your brand is your dream car. When designed and delivered correctly, it will give you the career maneuvering vocal-motion to not only arrive at success – with authentic style, confidence and control – but to enjoy the ride there.
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