Casual young man driving in a new luxury sedan with friends.

First, a disclaimer: In this industry, you have to be freaking talented. If you can check the “freaking talented” box—this tough-love-newsie is for you.

I know so many voiceover actors talented enough to make a solid living every month … yet they say things like: “I’m probably going to need to drive an Uber” or “I just want to cover my rent.”

If you’re saying things like this, STOP! A starving artist mentality won’t get your super-talented butt very far. It fuels a mindset of lack, and it makes it harder for abundance to come your way. Instead, craft a mindset of abundance; it’s one of the best things you can do for your career (and your life)! Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Set an auspicious monthly goal, then work your business-minded booty off to reach that goal.
  2. Let go of your frugal mentality. You don’t reach your goal by eating ramen noodles, only doing free yoga videos at home, and applying to become an Uber driver.
  3. Invest in yourself. Attend that conference. Hire that coach. Fix your crummy demo. YOU are your own best investment. And guess what? These investments are tax deductible.
  4. Maximize your time. If you’re spending all day cleaning your house when you could pay someone $100 to do it, don’t you think your time could be better spent?
  5. Create a killer brand. Be it. Own it.
  6. Find resources that inspire you. To change your money mindset, find experts who appeal to your personal money style.I like Get Rich Slowly, Wise Bread, MoneyNing, Tim Ferris and Suze Orman.
  7. Reset your thinking. Stop talking about scraping by. Stop thinking about lack. Choose your words and actions from a mindset of abundance.
  8. Fill your pipeline. If your pipeline isn’t full, audition like a madman/woman.

If you are talented—and your mindset isn’t abundant—you are doing yourself and the industry a disservice. Honestly, as an entrepreneur performer, this industry needs you! Get moving.

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