I had stubby lashes. Not anymore…Because Birchbox just sent me the best mascara ever!
When Birchbox sends me a package, I know everything inside is going to be amazing. And then it is.

In case you live under a rock, Birchbox is the marketing darling of subscription services. They are doing it right! And because of that, their marketing and their offerings are a welcome addition to my life (and maybe yours too). Here are a few things we can learn from Birchbox:

  1. Be amazing looking. Look at this branding! It’s not just on their website, but in everything they do, from their social media channels to their packaging. Do all of the materials that reflect you look authentic and amazing? Tell your story beautifully and consistently—that’s how you make connections.
  2. Personalize. Talk directly to the individual like Birchbox does. Birchbox knows I’m a mom with puny lashes who likes paraben-free products. They know this, and they cater to me! Want to do promo work? Speak directly to the promo producers and their needs.
  3. Sell unique products in the same box. Birchbox sends me 5 products a month in the same box. You also offer many “products”—like promo narration, gaming and e-learning demos. Look at your brand like the package itself, and then within that brand, show off your individual categories. When you’re selling me lotion, sell me the best darn lotion ever.

I don’t just pay for my Birchbox subscription. I eagerly await it. I jump up and down when it arrives. I read all the emails they send me and follow their social media channels. Everything they do reinforces my trust. And then, of course, I buy full-size products from them.
So take a lesson from Birchbox. Look amazing. Customize. Sell specific products. And before you know it, they’ll have you on subscription and be buying full-size YOU again and again.
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