It’s hard to admit, but it’s true: His website almost scared me away.
When a new potential client sent me his website, I assumed he sucked. Then I pressed play. His voice was like butter. His timing was great. He was amazing—but his website was sending the message that he was anything but…

I made pessimistic assumptions about his awesome talent. Because of his website.
And it made me so freaking sad! Because most people never move past first impressions (and discover that you’re actually incredible).
How many talented VO actors are hiding their amazingness behind crummy marketing materials? How many of you are busting your butts to make up for all the positive connections you’re losing because of an ugly website? How many of you are considering driving Uber to make ends meet? Ugh!
No, you don’t need to go spend a fortune on a perfect website! This guy would have been better off just picking his favorite color and putting up a giant button that said “play”.
Make your life easier. Make sure your marketing authentically reflects your talent. Let your charisma come through—not just in your demos and auditions, but everywhere. As people are passing through their busy worlds, let them immediately know that they’re in good hands with your talent!
Share authentically and consistently.
If you’re brave enough to tell your story—buyers will know you’re confident enough to tell theirs!
Make it easy for others to know that you’re amazing. Don’t make ‘em work for it.
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