Holy smokes. Everywhere you look, there’s a Kardashian.
Whether you like ‘em or not, you can’t deny that they are successful. Reality TV culture is a thing, love bugs. It’s the world we live in. That’s why I couldn’t resist picking up the book, The Kim Kardashian Principle: Why Shameless Sells (and How to Do It Right).
I laughed when the author, Jeetendr Sehdev, wrote, “Like most Brits, I grew up in sheer terror of causing offense.” I think lots of us can relate. But this play-it-safe mentality could be getting in your way from a being-awesome-at-business perspective.
Want to be a wildly successful VO actor?
Don’t squish your spunkiness. Don’t dilute your drama. Don’t water-down your wackiness!
Okay, so not everyone will like it. Not everyone will need your particular brand-of-special. Not everyone will swoon. But the ones who do really will. And they’ll book you first.
I say it often…you must be incredibly talented. But when you’ve got the talent—you’ve got to be real. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. So let your brand REALLY represent you. (Being 100% authentic doesn’t mean you need to share every detail of your personal life…it just means sharing who you are.)

So is there such a thing as too authentic? I don’t think so.
The more real you are, the more you’ll create a riveting connection with your tribe.
One of Sehdev’s recommendations is AIM TO OFFEND.
Sure, aim to offend…if you’re authentically an offensive person.
Otherwise, be as ass-kickingly authentic as you’re comfortable with.
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