Did you see this mom from Alabama’s funny back to school photo? It has over 4k likes and 19k shares!Whether Jena Willingham is drinking orange juice or a mimosa, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is this:
If you’re a VO actor and your kids are going back to school—you should be increasing your intake of VO marketing juice!
I LOVE back-to-school time so much. I envy my kids—with their new back-to-school clothes, backpacks and supplies—because they have a year of learning and accomplishments ahead of them. (Yes, I was a total geek in school and still am today.)
So when they go back to school, I do too. I use each new school year as a motivator for my own continuing education. I plan out my “academic” calendar and pick which events I’m going to attend.
Not super busy this August? Don’t sweat it. Enjoy it. Take those kiddos to the beach. Sit on the front stoop and shuck beans. Drink up the sun and store up some Vitamin D for the year. Because come September—when everybody gets back to school, you’re going to get back to business with gusto and kick…some…booty.
Are you with me?!
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