Yes, I’m an eternal optimist…but what I’m about to tell you is truth – mine and yours.
There is magic on the dark side.
Get ready for this…
What are you really terrible at? Like super-painfully-awful at?
I’ll go first.
If you spin me around, I will be lost. I can’t navigate my way anywhere I haven’t been at least a hundred times already. I can’t even find my table at a restaurant when I come out of the bathroom. Don’t even get me started on airports. I tried for years to become a directionally savvy person. It was a constant struggle and I was watering a dead plant.

Then it hit me…
While I was busy driving around trying to find the new coffee shop without directions, I was sucking my energy away from what comes naturally to me—being creative. I may be detached from the physical plane, but I can create visual brands in my mind with ease!
You might spend years running from your shadow side. But you can’t. Stop running and embrace it. Because on the other side of the shadow, there’s sunshine and gold.
Forget about becoming the kind of person you’re not. Instead, implement tools, ask for help and find support. GPS changed my life. And I’m probably the only person ever who asks, “Can I have a table near the bathroom?” and “Can I just follow you out of the airport?” These adaptations let me spend more time and brainpower tuning in and finding your brand-soul.
If you’re trying to be someone you’re not…you’re sacrificing your best assets. Our gifts are in our defects!
Admit you’re not perfect. Delegate. Let it go. And step into your sunshine.
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