I know it’s a shake-up out there. With the recent upheaval in the voiceover industry, it’s undeniable that the industry is changing. Are you wondering what to do about it? I know the answer with every cell in my body: It’s a call to be more awesome and authentic.
What can you personally do? As a VO actor, you can leverage this change for your benefit. Here are my tips on how to shine as the amazing, rocking individual you are—and not get eaten alive by voices.com:

  1. Raise the bar. The better you are, the higher it raises the bar. The voice actors who embrace this mentality will separate themselves from the pack. Keep our community awesome by being awesome individually. Look deep inside at your skills, personality and strengths. Refine and show off your authentic brand so you are an individual, not a commodity.
  2. Root yourself in the community. Be there for each other. Support our industry. Speak up. Protect each other in this new marketplace by having united relationships and refusing the status quo.
  3. Look to outside industries. Remember, we are not alone. This commoditization is happening in so many industries. But businesses are standing out and creating great success by honing in. Retailers like Glossier are thriving by being specific, on the pulse, using technology and having stellar customer service. They know who they are—and what their audience wants. That’s a powerful combination when it comes to standing out.
  4. Go deeper. Build stronger relationships by being personable, knowing your clients, listening to them and solving their problems. When you make their job easier, you’re more than an on-demand voice and you become indispensable.
  5. Be mindful. You have a limited 24/hours a day. Use these hours to say NO WAY to being commoditized. As you move forward in this new landscape, ask yourself: Is this positioning me as unique and high-end, or making me blend in?
  6. Get your tools together. When people understand exactly who you are, it immediately elevates you…but it takes organization in order to do that. Get your brand organized. Then hop on your resilient boat of entrepreneurship and spread the word.

You’re not one of 200,000. You’re one of a kind.
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P.S. For more on this topic, here’s a recent article from VoiceOverXtra that I was quoted in: Responding To Change: As Individuals And A Community, You Have Voice And Choice.