You may have realized that at every turn in your voiceover career, there’s a catch-22.

  • You need a great demo to get a great agent—but you need to be making money to pay for the great demo.
  • You need agents to get jobs, but you need jobs to get agents.
  • You need a brand that stands out—but it’s an investment to pay for the brand.
  • You need time to audition, but you need money to make time.

Does this ever make you feel confused? You may feel like you’re constantly at the end of a cliff, questioning whether you should take a leap of faith. Taking the next step is not just about crossing your fingers—it’s about being strategic! Here are some tips for when to take the leap.

    1. You can afford the investment. What do successful people have in common? They keep learning and keep investing in themselves. The minute you can afford it, invest in yourself.
    2. Your heart says yes. Is this right for your business? Is this right for you? If you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night with it nagging at you, it probably is. When your heart says yes, it’s important to listen.
    3. You’ve hit a plateau. If you’re booking as many jobs as you can, and you’re not sure how to keep improving, it’s time to make a shift.
    4. Your booking ratio is going up. When you’re consistently booking a higher percentage of jobs, it’s a good sign of things to come.
    5. You’ve consistently hit your financial goal for at least 4 months in a row. (For really big leaps, like moving across the country, I recommend 12 months.)
    6. You’ve got connections. If you’re immersed in the industry and the community—and know key players who can help you career improve, it’s a good time to leverage opportunities.
    7. You are getting the green light from the business. When you belong in this industry, you are not in a bubble. You are interacting in positive ways. Pay attention to the feedback you are getting from your efforts. Sometimes the VO industry chooses you and sweeps you into the tide. Listen to the signs.

When success is on the horizon, the signs will be everywhere—and you won’t be lost in Catch-22 Land. Always with strategy and a plan, I help clients answer tough questions, get ready, and take the leap.
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