Hello Voiceover Achiever,
I love this quote by Steve Martin: “Become so good they can’t ignore you.” It’s a straightforward goal.

If you let this be your driving force, you will achieve your goals – no matter how grand. I have the good fortune of longevity in this business. I have worked with hundreds of actors over the years and watched many of their careers go through the roof. Others surprise me. They’re so talented, but they don’t get anywhere close.
Here is the cool thing: In seemingly 100 percent of the cases, it is people who understand that it is all on them who succeed. They are not victims of the vagaries of the business or the economy. They are in charge of their own brand, their talent and their relationships. They know the difficult path to improvement and connecting. It’s the road less traveled. And they do not just know it—they do it. A simple idea, but hard to pull off.
The other day, I was talking to an actor and was gobsmacked by how far he’s come in the years since I first met him. He had done so much groundwork to make sure doors would open to him. Guess who was booked every day?
This did not come overnight. This actor spent years honing his craft, getting educated, getting experience, connecting with the community – both peer-based and buyers and gurus of all kind. Now he is on top of his game and reaping the rewards. Time to rest on his laurels? Heck no! This guy is investing in the most valuable thing there is: him. He keeps improving. He is unignorable at this point and he is just gonna get better.

How do you make this work for you?

When you develop a mindset for awesomeness and personal growth, you are on your way to being so good they can’t ignore you. This is not about comparing yourself to others but about achieving your own personal best, then setting your sights higher, and doing it again. You need to know the competition and the lay of the land, of course. Most importantly you need to know yourself. Lucky for you, you are your product and your brand. When you take steps to improve yourself, your product gets better and so does your brand.
Wishing you the best,