I love back-to-school time. Stocking up on supplies and getting back into the swing of regular routines after the indulgences of summer feels to me like a fresh start — an opportunity to be brave and try something new.
Of course, as an actor you do brave things all the time. The choice to become an actor is in itself brave. Actors disappoint parents and teachers and leave home to pursue careers with no guaranteed income stream.As a voice actor, you make brave choices every day. You put yourself out on the line and perform. You invest in yourself, and in your craft, because you believe in yourself. You have the faith to risk being told no. Most people could not tolerate the amount of rejection you put yourself through and yet you do it, day in and day out.

I admire your chutzpah. That’s why I think you deserve a brave brand.

My clients are diverse, but they have this in common: They’re all incredibly brave humans. I know this because I understand the risks they have to take to make it in this business. I also know this because in every brand I do, there’s an element of bravery.
For a brand to be brave — and strong — it has to be true, authentic, imperfect. Every client I work with struggles with this — the desire to present themselves as beautiful and perfect facades versus the vulnerability to show themselves honestly so they can truly be seen as the wonderful, interesting, magical (and yes, flawed) beings they are. The former is safe; the latter is brave. The former keeps others away; the latter creates intimacy. The former lacks imagination; the latter intrigues.
Our business is like the Wild West right now. The classic rules, fees and protocols no longer apply. Each day is a battle for survival, and it’s important you enter that battlefield fully armed. Your talent, your studio and your microphone are the weapons you need. A brand serves as the shield you hold up as you make your way into each day’s battle.

I understand the temptation to hide behind a safe brand, but that’s a mistake.

While a safe brand may help you dodge slings and arrows, it’s not going to give you confidence to move forward or the courage to blaze your own trail. I know you’re brave. If you do the courageous work of creating an authentic + truly brave brand, you’ll be unstoppable — a true voiceover hero for the ages.
Until next time,