My daughter works at Yogurt Lab. You pick your flavor(s), then choose from a million different toppings.

My favorite is coconut ice cream with coconut flakes on top.

Refined and a little bit nutty—like me!
When we embrace our tastes and preferences, and build something according to them, no two ice cream sundaes will be the same. And guess what? No two voiceover artists will be the same. Accordingly, no two voiceover careers will be the same!

Just admit you don’t really like strawberry.
Don’t just build a vanilla ice cream sundae unless you really, really LOVE vanilla. The truth is, you might be more of a coffee, blueberry, granola kinda guy. Don’t just build a strawberry sundae because you want to be like the other gal who likes strawberries. Be the weird pineapple, cherry, peanut sundae you actually are!
The point is—don’t be afraid to be you—and build your specialty sundae accordingly. Because when clients order the “Insert Your Name Here” Sundae, they want to know they’re getting you! And that, of course, is different than anyone else.

The voiceover industry wants unique! 
In these days of customization and specification, where VO has so many avenues, segments and needs, the people hiring voice talent don’t want a sundae that’s available on every menu. They want a unique sundae that is meeting their particular tastes and desires.

You get to create your own, perfect ice cream sundae that is your brand.

Are you the brand with chocolate ice cream, 4 dried pineapples and 6 blue gummy bears? Then own it! Shout it from the rooftops! Show it off. Because what you bring to the VO party is your brand. There’s nobody else like you, with the blend of all of your distinct personality, your life experiences, the quality of your voice, the work you’ve done. It all comes out when you speak. You bring it to every script you read. Fact: Nobody else can bring that same blend.

The best thing you can ever be—is you!
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