For so long, this industry relied solely on agents. Gatekeepers of the gigs.

VO artists looked to their agents to make it all happen.

But in 2020—it’s a whole new jam.

Yes, agents can provide you with some awesome career opportunities. But they’re one piece of the puzzle and can’t do it all for you.

The roles have shifted. Everything has shifted. My friends, we’re living in a brand new VO world!

And I genuinely want to help you excel. So I’m dropping some hard truths today. Ready?

1.  It’s not all about agents and gatekeepers anymore. 

It’s about YOU and tapping into your true entrepreneurial power. You have the power to get yourself booked. You can and must rely on yourself. And if you’re solely waiting for agents to send you auditions (alongside 100 other people), you’re not availing of the fount of personal power you have. Your ability to get yourself work—and build ongoing relationships with clients who need you—is second-to-none. Sure, agents sending you work can be the icing on the cake, but you need to be the one baking that cake!

2.  Igniting, expanding and sustaining your power requires an authentic brand.

Your ability to connect and get work is maximized by having an awesome, authentic, targeted brand. One that oozes you. One that shows your ideal clients how you can be of service and speaks directly to their needs. Your brand is your connection point. It’s your olive branch. It’s your secret weapon. Because you by yourself are amazing—but you, distilled into a brand that connects—results in superpowers. I’m not over-exaggerating when I say: Your brand is the key to the life of your dreams. Combine this uniquely-your brand with training, talent and strategy—and boom—watch out world, here you come.

3.  Stop trying to please everybody. 

Don’t stay stuck in the middle because you’re afraid to make strong choices for your brand. Your career can look any way you want—and does not need to look like your voiceover neighbor! What’s really great about 2020 is that you can create success by being entirely and unapologetically you—and by following your arrow.

“Trying to please everybody is impossible — if you did that, you’d end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You’ve just got to make the decision about what you think is your best, and do it.” John Lennon

4.  This business is competitive—but there’s more work out there than ever.

Are you worried about the competition? When you define your own success and have a strong personal brand, you truly don’t have any competition. What are you passionate about? Double down on that. And the “competition” will fall away.

Your awesomeness: I can see it clearly

You may not be able to see yourself clearly. But my gift, is that I can. My brand is seeing you clearly—and creating your authentic brand that will feel so right to you. I can see what’s great in you, I can package it up, and I can help you believe it.

I’ll give you the brand, the skills and the strategy to connect with the right people, through your world.

You need a brand.
You need a plan.
You need strategy, accountability and support.
Let’s talk.