Finally ready to step up and land in the position you deserve to be in?

I’ve spent 30 years figuring out what makes VO careers tick, and helping passionate people get where they want to go.

It’s not magic. It takes hard work. But it works. Here’s a real-life example of how:
An amazing business woman wanted to replace her big career (and big income) with voiceover. She started doing audiobooks and was personally passionate about mystery thriller. How could she excel in mystery thriller? We made a brand that reflected her values, passions and dreams, and spoke to her ideal clients. (Remember, you can’t brand to everybody or you brand to nobody!)
Then we developed a very specific, aspirational, strategic business plan. One marketing effort at a time. One metric at a time. We bit off a little chunk every week. Check. Check. Check.
I guided her at every step. I coached her into the zone. (Did you know I’m a certified life coach, too?) We helped her market herself, make connections and build relationships. And she worked her butt off, too!

And look what happened:

“The plan we laid out is working to perfection. I have completed 30 books, and I have just completed a project for Harper Audio and am starting another project with Tantor. The items we listed in the plan…and even the elements in the branding… seemed so aspirational at the time and I wondered if I wasn’t just being crazy…but here I am! I still get major compliments on my branding and I can proudly say today that I am a… Story Shaper. Suspense Maker. Breath Taker. Thank you for everything, Celia and team!!” – Machelle Williams

Don’t yell at the rain. Put your best boots on, buck up and get your business in place! You have a dream, you have passion, you lay out the plan, you align the brand, you execute plan-and look what happens. It works!

As our client, we do lots of it for you by putting our internal marketing machine to work for you. At CSM, my team and I know this business and its players. We know how to get you from where you are now-to where you want to be. We provide guidance at every step, re-calibrate every week, and prepare you to be a YES. We keep our eyes on the prize, keep kicking the can down the road, and at every step, can see the goal a little more clearly. And oh yes, we celebrate the milestones along the way!
I don’t like to brag. I don’t usually share testimonials. But I did it this time because I want you to know IT’S POSSIBLE. WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! We can rock out your career. If you want world-class VO talent management that’s effectively complete with business/life coaching, marketing, branding, strategy and connections, let’s talk.
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