These days, everybody expects the Amazon experience.

We want it fast. Easy. Now!

The truth is, we Americans have pretty insane expectations (groceries delivered from Whole Foods within two hours)—and they’re getting crazier—because companies are making it happen.

Crazy or not—the undeniable fact is, today, customers expect a lot.

So, how do you compete in Amazon-world?

As a VO actor, you can mimic some of the benefits of the Amazon experience without detracting from yourself or your business. Give your clients the feeling of being cared for. Give them fast! But never forget—you can provide more than Amazon, because the online experience leaves us feeling isolated, depressed and in a bubble of mindless swiping and brown-box deliveries.

Be like Amazon in these ways:

1. Be fast. Speed matters. I’m not suggesting your bring your microphone to the family dinner table or have a 24/7 sign, but be fast while you’re at work. Find ways to maximize your output and efficiency (then go live and enjoy life when you’re not working)!

2. Be consistent. Be a sure bet. When they work with you, they’ll know it will get DONE right.

3. Be communicative. We love knowing prices and delivery ETAs. Communicate clearly with clients so they know what to expect.

4. Make it easy. You can’t provide one-click ordering, but you can make the process of working together, and paying you, easy.

Provide more than Amazon like this:

As long as we are human, we are going to crave a human experience. Amazon can’t give us that—but you can give it to your clients! Use your personality, your charm, your authenticity—YOUR BRAND—to connect with people and help them in a custom way because you know them. Build those relationships. Give them a connection that they can count on. Care about your clients. Care about creating a meaningful result with them!

The most beautiful way to compete with Amazon? Your humanity!

Ultimately YOU are your product. You’re recording a piece of your humanity for their project. So the more you bring your authentic self to your career (via your authentic brand!), the better off you’ll be!

Want to build a better-than-Amazon career that’s authentically you? Schedule a chat.

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