Every decade has its flavor.

The 2010s solidified the VO wild west into the new normal. When pay to plays disrupted the way our industry had run, the community rose to the challenge and and learned new ways to make a good living.

We also came out of our home offices and booths and got to really know one another at VO conferences and get togethers, and by supporting one another on social media. Many of us found great fulfillment in this.

Disruptive technologies took away from the old business model and gave to the truly entrepreneurial. Essentially, those who were willing to change with the times found not only success, but deeper connection interpersonally and within the industry. 

Alas, we are onto a NEW decade!

What’s the flavor for the 2020s? When it comes to VO, I’m going to tell you!

Here are my tips to excel in 2020 and beyond:

A (specialized) brand has never been more important. With more players in the VO marketplace than ever before, you stand out by specializing. Success is all about knowing what you do best, and knowing what your target audience really needs. It’s about sharing this information through a cohesive and authentic brand that is represented in everything you do. From your website to your social media and marketing materials, to how you speak at networking events. Now, a brand is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have. 

Own your authenticity. Closely related to your specialized brand is authenticity! With your brand, with your voice, with everything you do—you get to be totally-freaking-real in this new decade! Bring your playfulness, wit, grit, inner-nerd. Whoever you are at your core, you can bring that into your work and it will help you stand out and do your best work.

Relationships are the way forward. In the old days, a great voice was pretty much all you needed. Now, you need to make connections with clients and prospects. Want to attract new buyers? Want to retain past buyers? It’s all about developing and nurturing relationships. Buyers don’t just want a great voice— they want someone who stays in touch, knows their needs and can be counted on. Great news here: Developing relationships is so much easier when you have a specialized brand and you get to be authentic.

Move towards visual luxury. The tens were all about minimalism and trying to clear space (à la Marie Kondo). White space was big. Now for the 20s we’re moving towards more depth, richness and visual luxury. In design, fonts will have more luxury. In life and business, elements of luxury will become more of an expectation. 

Speak to the Millennials. The millennials are all grown up now. They are decision makers, and they like to be communicated with. So, the more you can communicate where your brand and values intersect with buyers, the better.

Make your customer a hero. How do you make your customer a hero? When you think deeply about their role and their needs, you can determine how to make hiring you their victory! As always, we at CSM are inspired by your talent and your passion.

Are you ready to create a personal brand to usher you into the new decade? Get in touch and shoot an email to support [at] celiasiegel.com.

Let’s rock this new decade!