Ever wonder why some voice actors are really raking it in—and others aren’t? This difference in success and income isn’t usually based on talent alone. In fact, while talent gets you far, it’s these factors that really take a voice actor from good to uber-successful.

At CSM, our most successful clients are voice actors who are entirely unique from one another in their voice, their genres and their styles. Yet they have some important things in common. They approach business and life in some similar ways.

Here’s what the most successful voice actors we know do regularly (and you can do it too!): 

They look at their money. VO rock stars know what they have, and what they need. They take inventory and set goals. They focus on increasing earnings.

They have an unstoppable one-of-a kind brand. Each very successful voice actor has a lively, engaged and authentic brand persona that they share with the world—and most importantly, with their ideal clients.

They invest in a team. The best know they can’t do it alone. They devote their time to their strengths and hire people to do other things. This could mean anything from a marketing agency to a dry cleaner, personal trainer, or housekeeper. They surround themselves with people who enable them to maximize their time and do their best work. If they aren’t good at something, they get support from someone who is good at it.

They have individual demos for different genres. The superstars get very specific. They don’t try to talk to everyone. They talk to segmented buyers with customized demos, the right brand message and genre-relevant training.

They watch trends. Successful voice talent pay attention to trends and are cognizant of where advertising money is being spent. They become the experts to help people solve their problems. They were poised for success when e-learning first became a thing. They are nailing political VO. Want to up your chances at winning political Voiceover work? Check out this upcoming webinar here!
They spend on experiences and training. They usually aren’t extravagant spenders—but they do spend money where it counts. They spend on training and equipment; they invest in themselves—their brands, studios, demos and like I mentioned before, support teams.

They nurture relationships. The best understand that they are only as successful as their relationships with clients and prospects.

They continue to hone their craft. They work with coaches, they practice, and even those at the very top of the industry dedicate time to growth; they continue to get better and better.

They’re optimistic and resilient. VO isn’t easy but with great talent and a great brand, the most successful know they can have whatever they want. The VO actors who are really killing it get into their zone, put naysaying out of their heads, and grab opportunities by the you-know-whats.  They are resilient, optimistic and tenacious; they keep going even when they get knocked down. This practice doesn’t always come naturally—it can be cultivated!

They value happiness and living a life they love. You’re doing VO because you love VO, right? Let that be your fuel.

Last but not least! They like to exercise and take care of their health. The shining stars of VO prioritize health and self-care. Take it from me–it doesn’t matter how big of a series you land…without your health, you have nothing. So exercise, eat right, manage stress, take care of your body.

Success is yours for the taking! Ready to create your brand – and a plan – to get you where you want to go this year?

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