I would have been in London last week.

Instead, I was in my kitchen after I’d finished work, organizing my silverware drawer. I found the little plastic spoons that went off to school in my kids’ (who are now teens/young women) lunchboxes every day, and I started sobbing—about everything. And for a little while, with colorful spoons in my hand, I felt the global grief that we’re all experiencing in different ways, right now.

And then I felt so much better. And I felt immensely grateful.

So today, I just want to tell you…

It’s important and necessary to embrace the hard emotions!

No doubt, life is a rollercoaster right now! Resisting hard emotions causes more suffering. If you embrace them, you can clear a path forward. During my Friday Brand Mingles, it’s when people say, “I’m having a hard time!” or “This sucks!” that we feel more powerful, capable and unified. That’s when good work really starts to happen.

Embracing the hard feelings will help you do your job better.

The scripts and ad copy are pivoting towards hope. Have you noticed? Your job—and your gift—my dear actors, is to keep your heart whole and real so you can spread messages of hope. Even though we don’t talk about mental health and wellness enough, I want you to remember that your voice mirrors your mind and soul. If you pretend like everything is okay, it’s hard to be a channel of hope. But if you can be real with yourself, and keep yourself full, that’s where the magic lives.

Although it can seem counter-intuitive, sometimes the quickest path to wholeness starts with taking a second to fall apart.

Here’s the beautiful truth:

As a VO actor, you’re uniquely qualified to spread messages of hope.

As a VO actor, you’re already set up to spread messages of hope—what a fortunate thing! Because the ad folks, the companies, and the world need these more than ever.

What will help you stand apart? How will you be most helpful right now? How can you channel the grief and suckiness into something positive?
By being authentic. It’s never been more important.

By showing who you are—via a brand that says it loud and clear.

So pretty much, you might need to cry over your silverware. Because you’re human!

And that humanity is gorgeous—because it’s what allows your voice to spread the hope!

That’s how you, as a VO actor, will help.

So…I didn’t get to go to London. But I did record my speech in my living room and enjoy the conference online.

And I donated the spoons. And everything else in that drawer I don’t need anymore. I now have a clean, hopeful silverware drawer that is ready for the future and its abundance.

How can I help you help them? Let’s talk.

Sending so much love,

PS: Virtual London was amazing and fulfilling! The workshops and talks went swimmingly and the socials felt a lot like a real party. The organizers at Gravy for the Brain are rockstars! It was a real celebration of life as it is.