Today l want to talk about solving your clients’ problems. The state of the world today means people are facing a new set of challenges, and they need a new set of solutions. What do you bring to the table?

The VO market is very saturated, but when you own your position and live your brand, you become a problem-solver. You can lighten someone’s load by showing up for them in unexpected ways.

I’ll give you an example. For me, the COVID-19 quarantine came with the realization that I don’t really know how to clean my house. (Don’t judge. LOL!) A friend of mine who is similarly housekeeping-challenged and spending a lot more solo time at home staring at a sink filled with dirty dishes turned me on to a podcast called “Clean With Me.” She was hesitant when she told me about it.

This podcast is clearly aimed at stay-at-home moms who home-school their children — which is about as off-brand from my entrepreneur-self as you can get. And yet, the host, Ranni Starnes, is so authentic and so surprisingly helpful that she completely charmed me. So much so that I’m starting to enjoy cleaning my house. Now when my housekeeping situation gets a little chaotic, I put on my headphones and my quirky friend Ranni is there offering support and tips and turns of phrase I can relate to (I think we’ve all had a “dish-saster” at one time or another).

She’s nothing like me, but she helps me — she’s a problem-solver — and I appreciate it.

You are a problem-solver, too. Not sure how? Ask yourself: How can you be of service? What problems can you solve for people? And then go out and do it. You can get really creative here.

I love branding because it is where passion, problem-solving and your gifts come in contact with one another. Your image, who you are, and how you can be of service are integral to your success.

Your brand is where YOU intersect with solving your client’s problem. Your brand doesn’t have to be right for everyone, but when it is right for someone, it is really right. “Clean With Me” wouldn’t have been right for me a few months ago, but it’s really right for me right now. BE THIS FOR YOUR BUYER. What do they need? What are they searching for? Your brand can show that you are the solution. Own that. Be that.

Let’s use this time to concentrate on being innovative in expressing or designing ways to make your clients’ work easier, their nerves calmer, their trust grow.

If you need help creating a strong, problem-solving brand that screams you – let’s chat.

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