Because of COVID-19, we’re not wooing people in person like we used to.
So, if we’re not in-person at conferences, cocktail parties and industry events—how do we network?

“Traditional” networking may be suspended, but that doesn’t mean your connection-potential is cut off. People still want to connect, and with LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter we can talk to anyone in the world. Your brand can go out and shake hands for you around the globe. (We can even handle your social media marketing for you.)

Companies still need your talent — and maybe now more than ever since the world is changing at rapid-fire pace.

Your personal brand is how you make friends, attract your tribe, and educate people about your voice.

When you can’t do any of those things in person, your brand (and everything that goes with it) is more important than ever. Think of your brand as your two-dimensional twin going out in the world and promoting you tirelessly. While you’re sleeping, working, hustling, auditioning, social distance socializing, doing yoga—everything—your brand twin is hard at it. (Shout out to Larry Fabulous who coined the term “brand twin” in our last Brand Mingle.)

Remember the olden days — all the way back in 2019 — when you might meet someone irl at an event, in the studio, at your talent agent’s office. Then you’d follow up with an email, and they would visit your website.

Now, your brand is leading the way.
It’s the first thing they see. So it needs to be great. Thankfully the VO industry is thriving. You just need to be out there, connecting.

Let your brand and website do your networking!
Are you a little shy about self-promotion? Let your brand do the work.
Prefer to spend your time auditioning? Let your brand do the work.
Need to squeeze in some much-needed self-care? Let your brand do the work.
Your brand is your twin who loves promoting you. Let it do the work.

First, you have to create your awesome brand twin.
Brand before you build. Before you create your business plan, demos, brand, website and social media profiles, you need to know the essence of who you are. Your brand DNA. Who your ideal clients are. The values you can share with the world to attract your tribe.

When you pinpoint that essence, everything else becomes simpler. You’ll know why you’re making the choices you make — font, colors, images, tagline. Your brand will guide all of these choices, so you can feel confident sending that twin out there to represent the one true unique you.

Ultimately, businesses that thrive are the ones that have awesome branding. Your visuals need to look enterprise-level so new clients trust that you’re their equal.
With the right brand, you can go as far as your talent will take you. And you can feel like you’re getting twice as much done—because your brand is out there making connections that will help you succeed.

If you position your brand properly, it will enhance all your other efforts. Then you can feel confident sending your twin out into the world while you focus on your zone of genius behind the mic.

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