Celia Siegel Management is celebrating its 16th birthday this month. We are toasting an amazing 16 years of branding, management, and marketing voice actors.

But how did it all begin? Here is my origin story — a story that has been at the forefront of my brand and business.

After beginning my career as a talent agent at CESD in Los Angeles, I moved to San Francisco to start my family. I loved the personal service aspect of being a talent agent and even then placed a high priority on branding my clients and guiding their careers to maximum success and happiness.

After giving birth to my first baby, my employers at JE Talent were so kind as to let me turn a sound studio in the office into a nursery, and I returned to work with my 6-week-old baby in tow. While I took care of my baby, I booked talent all day. It did not take long to realize that my agenting and mothering were both taking a hit.

I quit, determined to take some time off with my baby. Then my phone started ringing. Talent wanted to know if they could pay me to consult, etc., etc. Before I knew it, I had created a management company organically, at the request of the talent. I carried my passion for the power of branding and created the management and branding company that is going strong today.

The other day I was telling the story of Celia Siegel Management to LinkedIn whiz Tracy Lindley, and she said, “I am such a big fan of your company, but you do so much more than I realized. Explain all the ways you can help me and others.”

The answer is: so many ways!

I have been here through all of the slow and steady growth and my team and I know what we do. My clients know what we do. Today I want to share with you all the ways we help talent and invite you to connect for our free offerings as well as our higher-ticket personal investments.

Here’s what CSM has to offer voice talent…

Branding, marketing, and management programs:

  • Direction by our team of professional marketers and brand writers who can help you develop, complete, and stick to your personal VO business plan.
  • Brand-building, copywriting, and project management for all marketing materials, including a written brand and branded bio for your website.
  • Custom marketing through placement on our talent roster and e-marketing blasts.
  • A social media audit, posting plan and 2 graphic templates.
  • Professional assistance with agent and roster submissions.


Live Your Brand alumni program:

  • Access to high-end job opportunities through our talent representation feature, The VO Château.
  • Talent consulting services and oversight of VO business and personal brand by Celia and the team.
  • Monthly guest superstar webinars that give you the chance to learn from industry experts.
  • The Brand Salon: a monthly community-building group session led by Celia.


VO Viral social media program: A month-to-month, platform-to-platform social media management program for voice actors, spearheaded by CSM’s social media strategist.

The Brand Mingle: A free, shared, comfortable space for the voiceover community to come together virtually Friday morning at 10am CT to discuss all things industry and branding over a cup of coffee.

It is part of every team member’s values to connect and truly help people. Here’s the awesome, growing CSM team:


Celia — a certified brand coach, life coach, business coach, and former Los Angeles/San Francisco talent agent



Marnie — CSM’s senior copywriter, brand steward, and word wizard




Heidi — Our editor extraordinaire, storyteller, and eagle eye to all our copy



Natalie — Head of CSM’s casting department, VO concierge for The VO Château, and customer service sorceress



Aya -— Head of CSM’s social media management program, chief social media strategist, PR maven, and casting associate



Anna — CSM’s brand and copywriting protégé



Julianna — our research rockstar + new business investigator




Here at Celia Siegel Management, we believe that everyone can do better —not just a select few. You have to figure out YOUR most direct path to success, and we believe that is branding, personal growth, and excellence fostered by the team.

Our team wants to hear your origin story so we can help promote the amazing service you offer to the world, and how you uniquely do it. Schedule a free consult and we can do the work with you.

Stay healthy. Stay calm. Stay present.