Hello Voiceover Achievers! I hope you’re all staying healthy, happy, and hopeful as summer quickly approaches. The weather is warming up, and the vaccines are rolling out–the future looks bright!

But right now, I want to spend a little time looking in the rear-view mirror. Despite all the challenges of the pandemic, Celia Siegel Management was fortunate to have a great year branding some amazing talent: a brandemic, if you will.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from everything going remote and becoming even more digital over the last year, it’s the importance of a personal brand. In the age of work-from-home and Zoom, your online presence is your first — and often, only — impression, so it’s essential to have branding that’s complete, unique, and reflective of who you are as an artist and a professional.

You know how necessary a stellar personal brand is, but how do you create one or improve the one you already have? Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to help you create your very own brandemic:

Define yourself. Spend time thinking about your unique characteristics and how you want to be known, then phrase your thoughts clearly and concisely. You now have an overview of your brand, a mantra to return to as you make decisions to grow your business. If you’ve already got a brand, review it and make sure it still reflects you and your value proposition, and adjust as needed.

Do your research. If you want to specialize in an industry, understand how it operates. Every voiceover genre has its own nuances and quirks; so set yourself up for success by getting informed. Research the avenues you want to work in. eLearning? Animation? Promo? You’ll be better prepared as a VO actor if you have some background knowledge of your desired specialty.

Distribute! All this reflecting and research only matters if it’s made concrete. Use your overview to write a brand name and tagline. Develop a branded bio. Create social media pages. Share content. Build a website. Reach out to people. Put your brand out for the world to see, and then see where it takes you.

Following these few tips can help you launch a successful personal brand! If you’re in need of more support on how to create and build your brand, look no further than Celia Siegel Management. To see if I can help your voiceover career through branding or management, sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with me. And, for an even more in-depth DIY branding methodology, check out my book, Voiceover Achiever.